Bocce Ball Blowout

July 17, 2021

WHEN: July 14, 2021
QIC: Mothman
PAX: Marky Mark, Paper Jam, Zook
LOCATION: #thebighouse
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It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in Chatham County NC. YHC had signed up to Q the perennial powerhouse of workout destinations, #thebighouse.

The most resent boot camp workouts in Chatham have involved a significant amount of cinder block work.  The most recent running workouts in Chatham have involved a significant amount of humidity. It was time for a change of pace.

The warmup began with the cherry picker, challenging the PAX to touch their toes slowly, but in safe repetitive motions. The men soon transitioned into a more challenging sitting v-stretch. After a couple minutes of easing into the v-sit & reach, the men stood once more and executed forward & revers arm circles and concluded with SSH’s.

The main event began by handing out two bocce balls to each of the four PAX. We moseyed over to the courts at Boulder Park and held a 7-game series that will forever live in infamy.

The teams were set. Mothman & Paperjam vs. Marky Mark & Zook. Marky Mark commented that he had never once played Bocce. Marky Mark, you’re welcome. Zook quickly placed his team on his shoulders. Marky Mark and Zook went on a 3-0 run to take a commanding lead. After losing each of the first three rounds 20 Merkins were doled out to the losers and 10 Merkins were earned by the winners.

Paperjam and Mothman, facing certain elimination, were able to earn a victory in round 4.  Gaining some confidence, Paperjam and Mothman won round 5 and round 6. In the final round, Zook and Marky Mark dodged a huge bullet and won. It was a great morning of Bocce. The four Pax moseyed back to the AO to wrap it up.