Bastille day at Bastille or La Fête Nationale

July 16, 2021

WHEN: July 16, 2021
QIC: TPS reports
PAX: Pookie, Sours, Stevie Ray, Shark Tank, Eddie the Eagle, Plinko, Squi, Turnpike, Bogey, Roots, Uke, Stretcher
LOCATION: bastille
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13 hommes congregated at Bastille to celebrate La Fête Nationale.


We started the celebration by warming up to music from everyone’s favorite dinner music le groupe – Accordian Café Trio.  We écrasé-ed some SSH et Arm Circles et Good Mornings et some other stuff.  We counted in French as high as YHC could go and then switched to English for numbers four and higher.


On to the événement principal which began with a dora française:

100 Merkins to celebrate freedom with the partner performing a retreat run

200 surrenders with a full socialist François Mitterrand-Bernie Sanders run

300 frog jumps with another retreat run


We then did our best to serve justice to the best music from and about France:

We daftly went Antour de Monde holding plank until the magic works said Around the World where we spun around on our plank for sept minutes

During Kanye’s ode to Paris we singes à bosse and étoiles croquées

We then paid homage to France’s two finest contributions: The Tour de France and Dominique by doing Freddy Mercuries and kicking butt to Soeur Sourire’s disco remix of the Singing Nun’s classic.

We took it home with Mary to Stromae’s version of Bizet’s habanera and Tankcsapda’s Köpök Rátok.