Blessed and Unstoppable

  • When: 10/28/17
  • QIC: Chef Tell
  • The PAX: Banjo, Blackball, Gump, Miyagi, Night Shift, Shake It, Uzzi

YHC and Banjo for a recon ruck launched at 0545. Shake It wanted to get some miles in while getting final prep before Carolina Beast next weekend, and was joined by Gump for EC run.

The EC crews were joined by another 4 PAX for the ME. Also, joining the PAX were 35# kettlebells x2 and 50# kettlebell x1. The PAX would bring these bells with us on our journey through campus.

WARM-UP: Grab the bells, head to Hooker Fields

  • SSH IC x30
  • Arm circles IC x15
  • BWS IC x15
  • Merkin IC x15


Move out starting with a kettlebell coupon mosey up South. Stop off at a bus stop for impromptu dips. Hang a left on Stadium and head to the North Gate. PAX passing around the bells as we move. At one point, YHC overheard some students say “Oh sh!t, those dudes have kettlebells!” Yes, yes we do.

North Gate burpee stop: PAX attempt to broad-jump burpee the width of each parking space in the North Gate lot. The parking spot width seemed to increase on the second trip while on a slight incline. Quick recovery, then back at it with the kettlebell mosey to the Rams Head Parking Deck.

Parking Deck Pain Session:

  • Split off into 3 groups with 3 stations: KBs (swings and sumo squats), I-beam pull-ups, sprint group (acting as the timer).
  • Round 1: Sprint group AYG run to other end of deck, 5x burpees, mosey back, rotate
  • Round 2: Repeato
  • Round 3: Sprint group 75% run to other end of deck, 20x Merkins, mosey back, rotate
  • Round 4: Repeato
  • Quick recovery, then exit the deck

On the recon ruck, YHC found a nice, long set of stairs (approx 40 steps) on the north entrance to the Rams Head Deck. The perfect spot for a Merkin Stairclimb.

  • Round 1: PAX Merkin stair climb to the top
  • Plank hold at the top
  • Merkin stair descent to the bottom–started headfirst, had to call an audible and switch to feet first halfway through. The pain was real.
  • Round 2: Repeato up the stairs
  • Squat hold at the top
  • Regular mosey to the bottom where we became reacquainted with our KB friends.

Hopped onto Ridge and took the long KB coupon mosey back to the AO. The KB coupon mosey seemed like a better idea in my mind last night. The brave PAX were up to the challenge. It was not easy–bringing me to recall a quote I heard in the gloom earlier this week: “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.” No doubt.

Drop the bells by the car and head to Hooker Fields for our last segment: Bear crawl suicide type drills, followed by one AYG sprint. Feeling the burn. Straight smoked at this point. Still had a few minutes to kill.


  • Plank holds
  • Robin Venturas
  • American Hammers




The Werewolf is a new workout that occurs during a full moon only. Nov 4th (next Saturday) is the next full moon; the location is set at Bond Park (Cary) 0600-0730. The Werewolf is a traveling workout and will be at a different location each full moon. The objective is to get participation from all of the Triangle F3 regions (Churham, Carpex, Raleigh, etc.). There will be multiple Qs, with the intent of having Q representation from each region. More info on Slack.


The power of God lives inside each one of us,  therefore we are Blessed and Unstoppable. We already have inside of us all the strength and power we need to accomplish any goal–so set your sights high, be bold, attack your fears. God created each of us to be conquerors. He did not created us to walk around His earth as poor, weak, or lonely men–rather, He created us to achieve massive success, because there is no greater testament to God’s greatness than for His people to achieve greatness. Phil 4:13 “I can achieve all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Get some of that.  

As always, it was an honor to lead you men this morning. Be great, and remember the greatest of all did not come to be served, but to serve. 

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