Fall is here and the Good Livin’ is easy!

  • When: 10/28/17
  • QIC: Grunge
  • The PAX: Beanbag, Bright Idea, Eddie The Eagle, Moore, Rambler, RG3, Grunge

Week 2 of Basecamp. YHC saw that no one had signed up on the Q sheet, so jumped on it. Woke up to a beautiful Fall morning…crisp, clear and cool. Headed to the AO and was greeted by a 6 pack (plus one 2.0) of savages. Exchanged warm greetings. Time to get down to business.



YHC got the memo that Basecamp has a rule that there are no warm ups. Those who lead and post should arrive primed and ready to go. However, YHC has never been one to follow the rules, even those that are put into place by F3 founder Dredd. No Cobain on this from me, either. YHC likes to warm up. YHC likes to warm up his car before hitting the road. YHC likes to warm up his pop tarts, as well as his leftover pizza he eats for breakfast the next day. YHC likes to warm up his M before getting to the main event. YHC fully intends to buy one of those doohickeys that warm up the toilet seat now that we are entering the cooler months of the year. Yes, warm ups are good.

That doesn’t mean warm ups need to be easy. YHC decided to warm up the PAX this morning by having the group do a buy in (performing PT at the start before the ruck vs. cash out, or performing PT at the end after rucking) with 2/3rds of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Two minutes, max reps ‘merkins!/push ups. Rest two minutes. Two minutes, max reps sit ups. These are performed without ruck. YHC discussed the importance of maintaining proper form and technique in completing the test. YHC admitted that he had issues with form breaking down on both exercises towards the end of the time period. This is no bueno and a Cadre will most definitely call you out, or even worse can get you kicked off a challenge. Focus on form and technique and the reps will follow. Plus, it goes without saying, but cheating is never, ever acceptable.

Since the plan was for a long ruck, we did not perform the 2 mile run.



Prior to launch, Beanbag informed the group that he would need to peel off the ruck after an hour in order to attend an event scheduled later in the morning. Eddie The Eagle stated that he needed to get 10 miles on dirt and would likely splinter off. It was agreed that we would lead him to the Woods Charter trail head where he would be able to grab said dirt. Rucks were strapped on (Bright Idea’s ruck came in the form of a bad ass 2.0 carry), candles were lit, and the group proceeded to leave the AO and headed North on Grovewood, then onto Great Ridge. At the gravel road, we proceeded to circle back to Grovewood via Saxapahaw Bend. We then headed to North Serenity Hill, regrouping at Adventure Park, a cool little pocket park off of Pokeberry Bend Drive. There is a nice little mound with a circular path that goes up the hill around the perimeter. This was the site for Ruck Exercise #1 (RE1). The PAX were led to bear crawl up the mound via the perimeter path, wait at the top until all were done, then bear crawl down the path back to the bottom. PAX were given the option of performing RE1 with or without rucks.

After completing the exercise, the group proceeded back onto North Serenity Hill then onto Tobacco Farm Way. The group started to spread out on the climb on Tobacco Farm to Briar Chapel Parkway. At BCP, Beanbag and Bright Idea chose to head back to the AO and get on with their Saturdays. Handshakes, fist bumps, and well wishes. Strong showing by Beanbag on his first ruck outing. Welcome, brother, hope to see you out again!

And then there were 5. The group proceeded along BCP and took the Street With No Name by the Wall (sport courts) to Boone Street. This was the site for RE2. PAX shed rucks and were led to perform an AYG sprint to the bottom of Boone Street (roughly 100 yards) then turn around and do another AYG sprint back uphill to where we started. Once all PAX completed the exercise, we strapped on our rucks and headed into the Encore section. The group proceeded around the horseshoe to the paved path that cut under power line strip to Constellation Park. At the bottom of the path, the PAX regrouped. This was the site for RE3. PAX transferred rucks to overhead carry and were led to climb the steep path up to the top of Constellation Park. Once at the top, PAX restrapped their rucks and proceeded down the path and onto Boulder Point Drive.

Boulder Point bottoms out a bit beyond the T intersection, before it enters a good, steady climb just beyond the water retention pond. At the bottom of the hill, PAX were led to perform RE4, double time Bernie Sanders to the top of the climb, roughly 250 yards. After completing the exercise, the group proceeded up the rest of Boulder Point Drive and onto Granite Mill. At some point along Granite Mill, Eddie the Eagle inquired as to when we would hit the Woods Charter trail head. YHC made the executive decision to alter the game plan, forego the last two exercises, and quicken pace to get the group to the trail head. The original plan for RE5 was to enter the field above Pollard Middle, descend the stairs to the soccer field and perform the “Boom-Chugga-Burpee-Lugga-Lugga.” This involves double time march with overhead carry from goal line to mid field where PAX would drop and perform 20 burpees OYO. Once done, the PAX would resume overhead carry double time march to the other goal line. The PAX would then be led to the second set of stairs where we would perform RE6, or Stair Bears. This exercise involves bear crawling down the stairs to the bottom, then crawl bearing up the stairs back to the top. Sometimes, to further the interests of the group, sacrifices need to be made. This was one of those times. We will be sure to hit these exercises next time.

YHC led the group down Granite Mill, cut across Great Ridge, down Quail Place Trail to Quarter Gate Trace, then down Woodland Grove Lane to the Woods Charter Trail Head. We entered the trail head, up the nice, steep technical climb, and proceeded to ruck along the trail across the Back Bridge. We headed north on the Bennett Mountain trail, an awesome rocky, rooty mess of a path to the BCP underpass where we crossed over the Pokeberry Bridge, then up the stairs onto BCP. RG3 bid the group adieu at Bennett Mountain Trace, while the rest of the group headed back to the AO to see the sun shining on a gorgeous Fall morning. 7.1 Miles + PT. Good livin’! Mission accomplished.



Eddie The Eagle, Moore, Rambler and YHC formed a fist bump COT and YHC took the group out with a short, sweet BOM: “It is always a pleasure to get some good livin’ in with a group of great guys. Great work, great time. Go out and conquer your Saturday and your weekend, gents. Aye!”



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