Chris Spielman – 29

  • When: 10/28/17
  • QIC: TBL - Sweatervest
  • The PAX: Loony, Riggs, Wild Thing 2.0, Low Tide, High Tide 2.0, Rip Tide 2.1 FNG, Snots, Bus Driver, Paparazzi, Big Cat, Dreamcatcher, Red October, Dark Knight 2.0, Elf, Mr. Brady, Crockett 2.0, Hendrix 2.1, Scrooge McDuck, Newt, Funny Money, Pop up, Yard Sale, Sherwin, Popeye, Johnny 5, Sweatervest


My apologies, YHC forgot to get a head count, so I might be missing a couple names.  Just send me a DM and I will add you to the list.

YHC showed up in his usual Sweater Vest for the Q.  Starting to get a little chilly for the vest this morning.  Felt like a true football weekend.  Reps today would focus on the number 29.

Circle up

Tuck Jumps x 29

Windmill x 10

Good Morning x 10

Willy Mays Hayes x 10

Merkins x 29

The Thang

Line up on the baseline of the soccer field

Run to the other baseline at 50% of max. speed

Air Squats x 29

Run to opposite baseline at 75% of max speed

Air Squats x 29

High knees to mid field, butt kickers to baseline

Air Squats x 29

Shuffle length of the field

Air Squats x 29

Run to the other baseline 100% full speed ahead

Air Squats  x 29

Mosey to the playground

Jacobs Ladder with a choice.  PAX could choose between 2 different ladders.  The choice was pull ups and merkins or swerkins and burpees.  Several PAX asked what is a swerkin.  YHC felt obliged to demonstrate.  As YHC was heading to do pull ups, post demonstration,  a PAX shouted out something so vile and dirty about that team from up north that YHC can not repeat it here!  Makes YHC sick to his stomach to even think about… 10 penalty burpees for everyone!  Once the ladders were complete time to mosey on to the wall.

Erkins x 29

Dips x 29

Derkins x 29

Mosey and grab the biggest rock you can find.  Circle up on the basketball court for some multiples with your rock

Overhead Press x 1

Curls x 2

Rows x 3

Squats x 4

Slide to the left one rock …  same routine but multiply each rep by 2…. slide to the left one rock … multiply each rep by 3, slide to the left… etc. etc. up to 6 times each rep.


WWII x 29

Flutters x 29

Hammers x 29

LBC x 29

:60 second 6 inch leg hold



Name a rama

Quick story from YHC to explain 29.  Chris Spielman was YHC’s favorite Buckeye as a kid.  He was a beast of a linebacker.  First day of summer two-a-day practice as a senior, Spielman was putting in extra work between practices.  Coach Earl Bruce asked him what in the world he was doing out in the heat, after he had sent everyone home to recover between practices.  Chris responded, “We only have 182 days until we play that team up north.”  Coach told him to carry on.   Fast forward to November of that year and Spielman responded in “The Game” with 29 solo tackles and totally dominated.  It is a record for tackles in a Buckeyes game that still exists.  Probably YHC’s favorite OSU story, hence the reps of 29 today.

Prayer from Crockett and we’re out!

Thanks for hanging with me today men.  It was an honor to lead such a great group!  Go Bucks!

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