Riggs’ 5 year anniversary

  • When: 09/30/17
  • QIC: Riggs
  • The PAX: Te'o, Band Camp, Cooter, Stop Drop and Roll, Mr. Brady, Crockett, Cheese Splint, Paparazzi, Domo, Doogie, Riggs, Wild Thing, Funny Money, Dream Catcher, Soft Shell (FNG), Sweater Vest, Low Tide, Tater Tot, Kia, Sir Mixalot, Sir Mixalot's 2.0, Sweats, Driftwood, Sawtooth, Shanks, and a few more

27 pax posted for the 5 year anniversary of YHC and F3.  In full disclosure, one of those years YHC was exiled to the Great White North.  But 5 years ago, about today, YHC made his way over to Raleigh to check out this F3 thing.  It was a running workout, YHC’s [least] favorite thing.  They added in a few merkins at the end.  Just enough to make the head of an FNG swim and his belly queasy.  A few weeks later some Raleigh F3 OGs came out to help us get our start.  Floyd, Doogie, Dream Catcher, and a few others posted at what’s now the Devil’s Ridge site for a 5 am start.  A few weeks later they left us with a handshake, a virtual shovel flag, and the keys to F3 Durham.  Best of luck boys…  Anyway, 5 years later here we are.

YHC decided on a 5 station beatdown for each of the 5 years of F3.

Warmup – no SSH, just some LBAC, imperial walkers, backwards LBAC, mountain climbers, air squats, merkins, stretch


The painground…
Two groups
One does max pull-ups + 5 assisted, two rounds
Other group does swerkins x 10, air squats while waiting

The basketball court…
Tabata – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off
Jump lunges, donkey kicks, tuck jumps, merkins
3 rounds

The hill (as yet unnamed)…
Sprint to the top, jog back down, plank
Backward run to the top, jog back down, plank
Sprint to the top, plank

The low walls by the track…
Derkins x 22
Dips x 22
Derkins x 14
Dips x 14

The ark loader…
Bear crawl 1/2 field, gorilla walk back



– Thanks for 5 years, men!  Has been one of the best things I’ve been a part of.
– Welcome FNG Soft Shell.  DC’s sister’s boyfriend from Maryland.

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