All You Need is Wall!

  • When: 01/29/18
  • QIC: Beano
  • The PAX: Amphibious, Boucher, Soybean, Cardiac, DeepDish

Six PAX braved a rainy morning to post at the Eagle.  One lonely PAX conducted the EC ruck prior to the ME solo.  The morning provided the smaller group an opportunity to practice steady movement and variety.  The following is what went down.

WARM-UP – SSH, Air Squats, Merkins, Arm Circles, Windmills, and Good Mornings


  • Two Warm-up laps around the track at fellowship pace
  • Wall Work (on basketball courts)
    • Wall plank merkins, bear crawl to other side of court, 10 air squats, crab walk back
    • 90-degree wall plank merkins, bunny hop to other side, 10 air squats, lunge walk back
    • Reverse B2W hand stands, handstand merkins, traveling burpees to other side, ten air squats, bunny hop back
    • Walk planks to stand plank and shoulder taps (alt for three sets b/t two exercises), bear crawl to other side, ten air squats, crawl bear back
  • Track Work and Pullups
    • Run a lap then do five pull ups on the playground (repeated three times)
  • Heavy Metal Circuit – PAX rotated through the following circuit two times
    • Jump Rope (75x – served as counter for rotation of stations)
    • Kettlebell Swings
    • 25-lb  Front Lateral Raises
    • 50-lb Sandbag Clean, Squat, and Press
    • Maul(Splitter) Swings
    • 35-lb Tricep Extensions

MARY – Seated Knee Tucks, Reverse Flutter Kicks, Exaggerated Imperial Walkers

THE MOLESKIN – RIP to the beaded jump rope that Boucher and DeepDish collectively assassinated (evidently you can jump so aggressively that you can break a jump rope – luckily, I had a back up!) Thanks to the PAX that showed up this morning.  What a great start to the week!

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