Spent a Little Time on the Hill

  • When: 01/29/18
  • QIC: DOI
  • The PAX: Rebar, Boo Boo, Kevin, Farvegnugen, Rudy, Wuerffel, Stevie Ray, Big Cat, Homes, Moore, Spooky, Bogey, Mr. Bean, Singlet, Nucky, Manafort, Cousin Vinny, Sherman

I spent a little time on the mountain, spent a little time on the hill – Ron “PigPen” McKernan

A beautiful Carolina morning greeted 19 men It was a dark and rainy morning and 19 of Chapel Hill’s finest fought off the fartsack. One of the great things about Pleasantville is it has a covered atrium and a parking deck so when the weather’s bad you can pretty much stay warm and dry for most of the workout. We did not use that option.

Warm Up
10 Good Mornings
10 WMH
10 Arm Circles forward and back

The Thang
Mosey to the top of Brookgreen. A hill chosen because it is YHCs least favorite. It looks like all of the other hills but yet it is deceptively hard. #CTHT The workout required a lot of counting and YHC was not about to take it all on so after every 10 reps the count got passed. Here’s how it went down (then up).

100 SSH (IC). Mosey down the hill. Sprint back up.
90 squats (SC). Mosey down the hill. Backwards sprint up.
80 lunges (IC). Mosey down the hill. Sprint back up.
70 mountain climbers (IC). Mosey down the hill. Karaoke back up.
60 WWIIs (SC). Mosey down the hill. Sprint back up.
50 jump squats (SC). Mosey down the hill. Bear crawl 50 yards then sprint back up.
10 burpees OYO.

Mosey back to start

10 hand release merkins.

Rebar is organizing a habitat build on Feb. 10. Take some time and help him and a family in need.

Thanks to the PAX for fighting the fartsack, providing support to those who need it most and going above and beyond. You are extraordinary men.

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