No Super Bowl Hangover

  • When: 02/05/18
  • QIC: Buffay
  • The PAX: Buffay, Pusher, Toast

3 PAX ascended #therock to start their week.


SSH x 30 (cadence count); IW x 20 (cadence count); LBACs x 10 (cadence count) – Reverse x 10 (cadence count); WMH x 10 (cadence count)

Taking a page out of @peach’s book – Merkin Ladder to 10 and back down.


Mosey to the Steep Green Hill.  11s: 10 Burpees at the Top, 1 Air-Squat at the Bottom – Continue until 1 Burpee at the Top and 10 Air-Squats at the Bottom

Mosey to the Park.  Group of 5: PAX completed 5 sets of 5 Pull-Ups (single count) and 5 Merkins (single count), in between sets alternate between different plank positions.

Mosey to the Rock Pile.  Grab the biggest rock possible.  Group of 3: PAX completed 3 sets of 10 Overhead Presses (single count), 10 Curls (single count), and 10 Rows (single count).

Mosey to the Flag for MARY.


Three-Peat: 3 Rounds of 15 Modified Heels to Heaven, 15 Freddie Mercuries, and 15 LBCs.  Finish with 10 Box-Cutters.


Announcement regarding upcoming 2ndF opportunities in Chapel Hill (2/21) and Hillsborough (2/22).

Announcement for 2nd soft launch of new AO @ Orange High School.

Prayers for @hight0wer’s father.


YHC knew the numbers would be low post Super Bowl, but wonderful to have supportive PAX.  Solid Monday.


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