61 Minutes Worth

  • When: 02/09/18
  • QIC: Adolphus
  • The PAX: Appomattox, Big Kat, Foghorn Leghorn, Germ, Goat Cheese, Kitten, Lo Pair, Slug

9 pax arrived for a relatively warm edition of West End, Friday’s Premier workout and the only place in Churham to get 61 minutes of good livin’ (plus Rise). Remember, it’s that extra minute that makes all the difference. With some regulars on the DL and (one assumes) at least a few others nursing Heels-came-back-and-beat-Duke hangovers, the 9 brave and true souls listed above were ready to keep the West End tradition of excellence alive for everyone.

The Thang:

Warmup: SSH, Seal Jacks, IW, Arm Circles, Sumo Squats, Stepback Lunge, Slow Merkins x 20 each.

Fellowship Jog (FJ) to the Spotted Dog low wall for Cadence Dips and Single-Leg Step Ups  (repeato x2).

FJ to Armadillo Grill for stations: Partner Pull-Ups (timer), People’s Chair, Merkins

FJ to the small parking lot off Sweet Bay Place Hill (BTW what a great street name. West End really has it all!) for suicides. 5 at the close light, 5 back at the start, 5 at the far light, 5 more back at the start. Once done, called exercise til all pax back.

Merkins -> Burpees

Squats -> Burpees

WWIIs -> Burpees

Burpees -> SSH

Ricky Bobby to the Libba Cotton Bikeway (again, greet name), cont down to cross Merritt Mill Rd. and stop where Cameron and the train tracks cross.

Bear Crawl down the tracks, then run (each pax moving as fast as possible) down Merritt Mill to Main St., down Main to Boyd and down Boyd through the Hampton Inn parking deck to the far end staircase (about 1/3 of a mile). Plank til all pax arrrive.

Once all pax back and recovered: sprint to the top of the staircase (5 flights).

Run down the ramps stopping at each level for WWIIs. 20 on levels 5 and 4, 15 on levels 3, 2 and 1.

FJ back to the start for Mary: LSF, American Hammers and yoga stretches.

COT, Appo took us out right.


So great to have Lo Pair back in the gloom. You were missed brother.

Prayers for Germ’s friends whose child has been diagnosed with cancer. We pray for healing and strength for her and her family.

Hoping for a quick return to WE for our fearless co-leader Ito. Heal up brother, we have a lot of no-running to do.


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