Will the real Ram Air please stand up?

  • When: 08/12/19
  • QIC: My Little Pony
  • The PAX: Wrinkles, Good Morning America, The Strowd, Ocho, Ram Air, Pedialyte, Prancing Horse, Beano, Avalanche, Food Lion, Harbaugh, Kia, Barksdale, IT

It was a groggy morning for YHC at the Eagle. Despite calling The Strowd “Ram Air” not once, but twice, YHC did manage to lead 15 PAX through the gloom. 3 Bad Asses got in an EC 5k beforehand. Here’s how it went down.


SSH x 20

Slow Squat x 10

WMH x 10

Slow Merkin x 10

MC x 20

Grab our menagerie of Kettle Bells and mosey over to the track. We placed 1/2 the KB in the middle of the front straightaway and the other half in the middle of the back straightaway. Then counted off by 1’s and 2’s. Group 1 lunge walked from front straightaway KB’s to middle of the upper track curve (by the stairs) and did 10 burpees OYO, while Group 2 bear crawled from back straightaway KB’s to middle of lower track curve and did 10 burpees OYO. Everyone continued on with reverse travel (Group 1 – reverse lunge walk / Group 2 – crawl bear) until you reached the next set of KB’s. At the KB’s knocked out 10 swings OYO and then continue on with lunge walk (if you started with bear crawl) or bear crawl (if you started with lunge walk). At the middle of the next curve, 10 more burpees OYO and then continue on with reverse travel to next KB’s stop. 10 more KB swings OYO. Pick up the six.

When everyone had completed one lap with all the burpees, swings, and other fun. We moseyed over to the playground for some holds. 3 PAX performed 10 pull-ups and then hung for as long as possible. All other PAX performed an endurance hold until the first of the 3 PAX dropped off the bars. 15 PAX means we did five rounds so everyone got their turn on the bars. They went as follows:

Low Plank

6-inch leg lift

Low Squat

High plank with alternating shoulder taps


Back into groups and back to our original starting KB positions for another lap of lunge/burpee/crawl/bell fun. This time we took the reps up to 15 at each stop. Pick up the six.

Bring the group back together for one AYG sprint lap then grab the weight and head back for Mary.

Went around the circle with: LBC’s / Flutters / Windshield Wipers and Peter Parkers

COT – PTA site beautification day at Creekside coming up on 9/14. PAX are welcome to lend a hand that day, but our assistance has also been specifically requested for the following Saturday 9/21 to help move and spread some rock at the Eagle. Mark your calendars and give back to a great site if you are able.

Prayers for Weezer and his family with the loss of his sister in law and the injury he sustained this weekend. Reminder that this group is about supporting each other in good times and in bad and always making sure you check on your brothers. Spread that same motto to the real world and make a difference.

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