The Catskill Slide

  • When: 08/13/19
  • QIC: Brotox
  • The PAX: Chum, Catskill, Rebar

Attendance has been a little low at The Jag this summer and the Q-sheet has been pretty empty.  On Monday afternoon, site-Q Catskill put out the usual call for a Q to step up.  YHC tried to goad Kosher into taking the Q, but it failed miserably and left YHC in the position of having to take the Q himself.

Warm Up


Arm Circles x10IC, Forward and Reverse

Radish Pickers x10IC

Hillbilly Rockettes x10IC

1 minute or so to stretch out whatever you want.

The Thang

Thang 1: Lucky 7s.  7 merkins, 7 squats, 7 burpees.  Repeat for 7 total rounds.

Mosey around to the other side of the school.

Thang 2: People’s Chair for two 10 counts by each of the 4 PAX.  BTTW for two 10 counts by each of the 4 PAX.  Repeat another round of each. 

Normally, it’s an honor to have a move named after you…normally.  So YHC isn’t exactly sure how long Catskill can hold a BTTW pose, but on this morning it was a little less than an 80 count.  Before the end each BTTW round, the other PAX could hear the grinding sound of Catskill’s shoes sliding down the brick wall as his arms declared, ‘no mas!’  Rebar affectionately named the move the Catskill Slide—so it is written, so it shall be!

Before heading back out, YHC noticed the picnic tables nearby and stopped in for a quick dips session, x15 IC.  We then moseyed back around to the front of the school.

Thang 3: Johnny Dramas x20IC, Lunges x20IC.  Repeat another round of each.

Thang 4: Each PAX took turn calling out an exercise for the other 3 to perform while said PAX ran a lap around the circle.  Called exercises were LBCs, bows and toes hold, oblique crunches, and overhead claps.


Crunchy Frog x15IC

Flutter Kicks x15IC

Dying Cockroach x15IC


Mystery Q month at the wall continues this Friday.  Show up to see who it is.

September is mystery Q month at the big house.  Contact Brotox via Slack if you’re interested in signing up to Q.


With multiple PAX coming back out in the gloom after vacation time off, the message today was simple: focus your energy on getting back into a normal routine. Until next time, Aye!

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