“Welcome to the Gun Show!”

  • When: 02/28/18
  • QIC: Dueling Banjoes, Boyardee
  • The PAX: GTL, ICE, Bright Idea, Nanu Nanu, Horny Toad, As Is, Sussudio, Zook, 8-bit, Duplo, John Boy, Hickory, Rambler

This video is AMAZING! I’ve ordered 10 for my next Q.  Today marked the grand finale of Power Month at The Big House.  I would venture to say it was a great success even if some of the PAX had no idea what was going on.  To relive some of the finer moments; Yanni pushing ungodly amounts of merkins for chest day, Rambler brought some ruck exercises which destroyed our legs, Coco doing what Coco does burning out the PAX with HIIT and DB and YHC doing pretty much what is on the video for Arms.  Good times……. 15 PAX showed for the finale

Warm up with DB

Seal jacks

Arm circles

Arm stretches (thank you)

8 count man makers


To the circle for wall walkers IC x 5, followed by dips IC x15, followed by derkins IC x 10.  Repeat until we reach the end of the wall. Lead by YHC

To the courtyard for Bears and Blocks, led by DB

partner up. one bear crawls to the big boy cinder blocks, colt 45’s.  the other does Peter Parkers. switch

repeat with tricep curls / bows and toes planks

repeat with shoulder press / squats

repeat with rows / lunges

To the playground for pullups and swerkins

light jog to Mary

5 minutes of planks


Last day for Chatham mudgear

Great work with your memorial and fundraising @rambler


Great to have fun, themed events for our AO’s which is only made better by the PAX’s enthusiasm.


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