Warm morning before the storm

February 19, 2020

WHEN: 02/19/2020
QIC: Slug
PAX: tricurious, nightshift, harball, bansai, clean sweep, malware, potter, uzi
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Great to see a good sized group at CJ this morning after having a few smallish sessions.

Warm-up: Side shuffle, windmills, willie mays haze, imperial walkers, hill billy and 5 Wolverines (modified burpee, look it up!)

Meet and and greet: In pairs, run opposite ways around the lot. Where you meet your partner, do 5 burpees together. Run back the other way and repeat. Do until each has done 50 burpees total

Lazy Dora: in pairs 100 merkins/plank 200 LBC/6 inch hold 300 squats/people’s chair

Some crawlin’: bear crawl/ 5 burpees/bear crawl back, lunge walk/10 dry docs/lunge walk back

Mary: 40 flutter, and some plank stretching