Vortex, Served Cold with Cheese

  • When: 11/28/17
  • QIC: Assisi
  • The PAX: Amphibious, Appomattox, Assisi, Beano, Big Cat, Cheese Splint, Draper, Fish N’ Chips, Food Lion, Kitten, Misery, Newt, Night Shift, Poser, Red October, Sherman, Tuco, Walt, Wheezer

I like F3 so much.  Today’s workout was fine, and I’ll write about it.  But all of the things surrounding the workout—the camaraderie, encouragement, off-the-field connections, etc.—were the best.  Fully aware that I risk sending the cheese factor through the roof, here’s a report on each.

YHC knew the weather man had missed it again this morning he scraped the ice off of his car.  How could there be frost if the low was only 35?  Eighteen additional PAX rolled up to a memorable sight: Beano wearing a ruck, carrying a sandbag, and kicking a soccer ball around Cedar Falls Park.  A top-ten image for the legendarium surrounding the 477-workout (and counting) beast.  The cheese/glory factor was off the charts for YHC from the moment he stepped out of the car.  The first two PAX he saw were Sherman, whom he has known for almost 40 years but never seen in the gloom, and Tuco, whose steady friendship has been one of the best things from church.  The web felt outrageously thick when I saw Newt, one of the few other PAX from Elon who has ever come out.  I then had the chance to catch up with Amphibious on the warm-up lap, a guy who is living out the “reinvigoration of male community leadership” in pretty outstanding ways.

After the first lap, we circled the field (alternating sprint, shuffle, backwards run, shuffle—always facing Weaver Dairy Rd.) until the engine caught the caboose (3+ laps?).  Sort of fun; definitely more exciting than the standard warm-ups.  We then headed to the end line for the main event, which consisted of a journey up and down an unorthodox ladder:

  • 2 min merkins;
  • 2 min line work (over and back and ski jumps);
  • 3 min bear crawl to the 18, 3 merkins, crawl bear back, 3 merkins, repeat;
  • 3 min traveling burpees to the 18, backwards run home, repeat;
  • 4 min wheelbarrow to the 18, 3 derkins, switch, repeat;
  • 5 min full-field sprint;
  • And all the way back down…

It was beautiful to see various PAX knock their specializations out of the park.  Big Cat and Wheezer have an extra gear in bear crawl.  The two lightest PAX in the mix, YHC and Kitten, got in at least 200 extra yards on the run.  Misery was crushing the wheelbarrows and derkins and insisted that I share in the fun instead of bear crawling ad infinitum as odd man out.

Super quick Mary, just long enough for me to notice what a group of rock stars had been quietly dominating the workout just out of sight on my extreme right and left: Draper, Cheese Splint, Walt, Fish N’Chips, and Poser.  I felt like I was playing in the all-star game during flutter kicks.

Was grateful for the chance to share and pray in the COT—and for the conversation with three outstanding PAX—Food Lion, Red October, and Appomattox—in the parking lot on the way out.  Never enough time.  Two quick announcements:

  • Night Shift has stepped up this winter to Q the Vortex and is on the list again soon. Qs welcome!  It’s a great challenge, and folks are always glad to help/support/co-Q if you want it.
  • Amphibious and Happy Gilmore are bringing OBT (co-founder of F3) to Durham next week. Write Amphibious for details, but I believe the meal will begin on Monday, December 4 at 12:15 p.m. in the Durham Bulls stadium (upstairs).

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