Mr. McGiblet’s Wild Adventure

  • When: 11/23/17
  • QIC: Kia (VQ)
  • The PAX: Apache (FNG), Kia, Floyd, Cardiac, Doogie, Tuco, Drifter, Slider, Snots

I’m sorry for the very late backblast on this Thanksgiving morning workout. The tryptophan from dinner wiped me out. Thank you for everyone that came out on a very dark and cold morning. Although it was a holiday, we had a great turnout. A special guest: Mr. McGiblets, joined us for the workout.

Warm up:
SSH x 30
Good morning x 10
Shoulder rolls
Imperial Walker x 15

There were two very important announcements at the start:
Mr. McGiblets was feeling very lonely after many of his family and friends were heading to the dinner table later. Therefore, he did not want to be separated from the group. Since he is a flightless bird, it was up to us to make sure he joined us on all of our adventures and never left our side.
Mr. McGiblets was also very upset that many of us were planning on enjoying a festive dinner later in the day with the star attraction being Turkey. So to get back at us, he made us do 5 burbees anytime anyone said the word “turkey”. This actually turned out to be a punishing order- the word was thrown around a lot.

The workout:
After getting nice and warm, it was time to do some laps around the peanut.

First up- five Turkish getups per side followed by a lap
Then:25 ‘Merkins followed by a lap
Next:25 Air Squats followed by a lap
A breather of some planks (regular and single arm) helped everyone catch their breath.
Finally:25 Mountain Climbers followed by a lap
Of course, our new best buddy, Mr. McGiblets was happily passed around during all the laps. No reason not to share the “fun”

It was then off to the benches for:
Dips 30 each, 20 each, 15 each sets with a minute low squat hold between to rest our arms.

A final lap around the Peanut rounded out the workout. By this time, Mr. McGiblets was getting motion sickness from all of the traveling and stayed behind waiting on us.

We headed over to the parking lot, knocked out some Mary and everyone was ready for the holiday (or a Turkey Trot for some of our hard core folks).

A FNG joined us to share the holiday spirt. After some deep reflection and thought- Apache was chosen as his new F3 name. Welcome, Apache!!!

Thank you again for joining me on my VQ. Mr. McGiblets made it home safely- he did tell me he is very excited to join us next year. He may even bring some friends!

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