Unleash The Beast

June 5, 2020

WHEN: 06/05/2020
QIC: Marky Mark
PAX: Boyardee, Brotox, Chum, Dive, Dueling Banjos, Homegrown Berry, Huffy, Jingles, Paper Jam, Splashback, Stinky Pete, Stubbs, Yanni, Zook

15 PAX convened amid a humid, drizzly morning at The Wall as YHC celebrated his six-year F3 anniversary by repeating his first F3 workout (original backblast is still viewable here). The memory of the Adolphus EH, and then waiting in the dark, empty Bastille parking lot, wondering who would show up and what would happen – and how badly YHC would struggle – remains crystal clear. A guy calling himself Wuerffel was the Q and he proceeded to run YHC ragged. How fitting that the main event was highlighted by an exercise set that features the number six …


20 SSH

20 Arm Circles

10 Good Mornings

15 Mountain Climbers


Jacob’s Ladder at The Hill

Run up for 20 then 15, 10, and 5 Merkins

Run down for 5, Then 10, 15, and 20 squats

Half group 20 dips IC – other half plank – then flapjack

The Beast (on the tennis courts): Six sets of exercises with six modes of travel and six stops along the way

1) Walking lunges and merkins

2) Sprints and Peter Parkers

3) Gorilla Crawl and WWII sit ups

4) Crab Walk and Carolina dry Docs

5) Back Pedal and wide grip merkins

6) Side Shuffles and Burpees


LBCs x40


Thank you to the PAX that pushed YHC through this first workout six years ago today: Adolphus, Wuerffel, Lopair, Windex and Turntable.

In trying to assess the value of the last six years beyond the obvious from a physical standpoint, YHC had two main reflections.

1) Whether he realized it or not, YHC was in somewhat of a rut getting through the daily grind six years ago – struggling with motivation, waking up in a sour mood. And in that sense F3 came at the right time, especially with the arrival of a second 2.0 shortly thereafter. F3 has had a profound impact on YHC’s positivity and overall approach to each day.

2) Meeting so many great people has provided much needed perspective, and over the last six years has taught YHC to realize that everyone is going through something, even if it’s not visible. Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s mental – but everyone can benefit from a check in, and from having someone be willing to just listen. Not solve their problem, just listen. I think that message is apt for the current national climate, being willing to help by listening and in doing so gaining a new perspective.