Merkin Ladder and EMOM

June 5, 2020

WHEN: June 5, 2020
QIC: Shake It
PAX: Knope, Jeeves, Iggy Peck, Dial Up, Soda Popinski, Sherwin, Happy Gilmore, Coxswain, Banana Split, Bluth, Low Tide
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The Honey Badger was back after a one week hiatus due to t-storms in the area. Thankfully Knope reminded YHC on Wednesday that he had the Q today. Knope graciously agreed to take a group if we needed to split. So YHC sat down Thursday afternoon and drew up a game plan for today’s festivities and shared the plan with Knope. YHC wanted to make sure that all PAX would experience the same level of suck. 12 PAX would eventually assemble in front of City Hall at 0600.

Warm-Up (exercises in cadence)

  • SSH x20
  • Willie Mays Hayes x10
  • 10 Burpees OYO for Soda’s lack of punctuality
  • LBAC x20 (10 forward, 10 reverse)
  • 10 lunges x10

The Thang

Since we had more than 10 guys, we made the call to split into two groups.

Group 1: Knope, Happy, Coxswain, Banana Split, Bluth, and Low Tide

Group 2: Shake It, Jeeves, Dial Up, Soda, Iggy Peck, and Sherwin

Groups split up and then moseyed over to their assigned locations.

Central Park: EMOM

  • Minutes 1-5: 5 4 x 4s: burpee with 4 merkins and then 4 mountain climbers (right/left = 1)
  • Minutes 6-10: 10 jump squats, 10 jump lunges
  • Minutes 11-15: 10 WW2’s, 10 LBCs

Parking Lot Across From Rise: Merkin Ladder

PAX spread out across the parking lot so that everyone has their own space to run. Start with 20 merkins. Sprint to the other side. 19 merkins. Sprint back. 18 merkins. This continues until you get down to 1 merkin or 15 minutes is up. Absolutely smoked after this.

After 15 minutes, groups swapped locations. After both groups completed both evolutions, groups moseyed back to City Hall. Knope’s group made it back first, so I’m sure some exercises were completed as they waited for YHC’s crew to make it back.


  • Pray for Jeeves who is going through a divorce. He has another court appearance on Monday. We love you brother.
  • Coxswain will be taking over co-site Q duties at the Honey Badger from Knope. Knope we thank you for your leadership and dedication in running this site since its inception.