Roxanne and the Tunnel of Love

  • When: 09/27/17
  • QIC: Adolphus
  • The PAX: French Lick, Singlet, Pookie, Band Camp, Smokes, Lo Pair, Homes, Kevin, Treehouse, Spooky, Mix-A-Lot, Cousin Vinnie, Vandelay, Pleather, Bogie

16 pax gathered in the Culbreth MS gloom for a little something different. The track, picnic benches and pull-up bars all went unused, but a good time was had by all regardless.

The Thang:

Warmup in the parking lot: Triple Jacks (SSH, Seal, Plank), Arm Circles, Windmills, WMH, Slow Merkins

Indian Run through the parking lots, down Culbreth Rd. to the stairs that lead down to the Morgan Creek trail, down the stairs and left into the tunnel that runs under Culbreth. The tunnel is lighted and is a perfect spot for some wall work. Pax split into 2 groups of 8. One side went balls-to-the-wall while the other got down into People’s Chair, for a 30-count. Flapjack and repeato x3, with a couple of PChair variations thrown in (one foot up for 15 seconds then switch; then arms up for the next 30).

Back to the stairs for a modified Jacob’s Ladder – run up and down the stairs, do 10 burpees, back up and down, 9 burpees, repeato. Time was called before anyone (except maybe Spooky) finished up. Saved by the bell, back up the stairs, Indian Run and (briefly) Indian Lunge back to the bus entrance to CMS. RYAO (sprint) back to the staring point.

YHC bought out the portable speaker for the musical finale:

  • Roxanne (The Police): all pax in Low Squat Hold, stand up at each “Roxanne”, quickly back down. Groans of pleasure were heard as pax stood up after the 40-secong long, Roxanne-free middle section of the song, of which Sting (tantric master he) would surely approve.
  • Song 2 (Blur): partnered up for gym-class sit-ups, one partner knocked out sit-ups while partner 2 held his feet during the 2-minute long classic.
  • Come On (The Hives): proper-form merkins for the entire 68-second song.
  • Song 2 (again, there aren’t many 2-minute long songs): partner 2’s turn for a song-load of sit-ups.



Strong work by all the pax, particularly during BTTW. No drops.

Prayers for Puerto Rico.

YCH appreciates the support as our family prepares to say goodbye to our beloved Lab.

Aye gentlemen. Same bat channel next week.

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