Trail Escalator at Devil’s Ridge

December 24, 2018

WHEN: December 24, 2018
QIC: Sweats
PAX: Sweats, Juco, Sweatervest, Soybean, Wakanda, Hendrix, Misery, Roach, Vespa, Bitcoin, Magellan, Porterhouse, Bushwood, Botched, Scrooge McDuck, Ironman, Mr. Brady, Crockett, Sawtooth, Chowdah, Toast McQueen, Crimson, Green Egg, Frozen Peas, Happy Trees, Funny Money, Tater Tot, Shake It, Larry Legend, Soda Popinksi
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31 PAX answered the call to arms this morning after taking advantage of some extra sleep, recovery, and maybe a little extra X-Mas Cheer the night prior. 6 hit the pull up bar for EC where Juco mixed in some running, and 1 almost ran into a deer or two on Beuhler in the dark.

Today’s workout featured near perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold, and only a little too much mumblechatter about the Bengals and how terrible they are. Thank you Misery and Sweatervest. Pax, don’t feel too sorry for me, because I have suffered through 14 straight losing seasons at one point, and now as I write this the Bengals have not won a playoff game since 1990. So enduring a little mumblechatter is the least of my concerns really. I mean, we might hire Hue Jackson as our HC. I have real problems!

With the kids home and X-Mas to-dos piling up, I don’t have anything particularly inspiring to write here, just that it is important not to let your mind or body slip into what it perceives as a needed “break.” This time of year can be tough for us all, what with the eggnog and chocolates galore, and I’m here to remind you not to take your foot off the gas. Don’t wait until next week to start whatever you’re planning to do. Do a little bit now. Work up to the big change. Think about lifestyle changes, they take time (case in point, F3). Think about where you want to be next July or next December – or for that matter, over a year from now. Don’t worry about where you are at the end of January.

We started on Beuhler at the easternmost parking lot on Cameron, right down the hill close to the driving range at the Wa Duke: 10 burpees. Bear crawl down the hill and crawl bear up to the gate. This was a reprisal of a Spring/Summer Q of mine that I thought deserved a hat tip. Why? Because it sucks. Then 10 burpees and 20 merkins. Mosey to the next gate. Bunny hop from the parking lot to the main WA Duke entrance. This also stunk. 10 more burpees, 20 more merkins, and now 30 tuck jumps (sets of 10 with 5 second recovery). Mosey to the bottom of the big hill running parallel to Cameron (near the Faculty Club). Run or sprint up the hill (your choice): 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 tuck jumps (sets of 10 with 5 second recovery), 40 jump squats (sets of 10 with 5 second recovery).

Mosey to Frank Bassett Dr. alongside Koskinen. Shuffle from tree-to-tree, and at each tree add a merkin and a tuck jump. We made it to 10:10.

Mary back at starting point: 30 Russian Hammer; 30 Flutter Kicks; 25 WWII.

CoT: Prayers to Shake It, whose house was broken into recently and who also hit a deer with his car. Prayers to Porterhouse, recovering from cancer surgery. Our thoughts and prayers to you both.