Finding Holiday Balance

December 23, 2018

WHEN: December 19, 2018
QIC: Frozen Peas
PAX: Happy Trees, Wilson Wilson, Dial-Up, Crean, Chubbs, Chowdha, Magellan, Soda Popkinski, Bleuth, Knope, Prosecco, Princess Cut, Frozen Peas
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For my Q3 at my home AO, I wanted to add in some balance exercises. The analogy of finding balance in this hectic time of the year was not lost on the PAX.

Warmup: SSH, GM, WMH, IW, Arm Circles


Moseyed to the bus parking lot. PAX circled up and exercises were done in cadence. After each exercise we ran to one of the parking lot islands and used various modes of transport around the island. A short sprint back to the middle got us ready for the next exercise.

Willie May-Hayes Fonda (lateral squat with a dynamic leg sweep and one legged squat) 20 each leg (Bear Crawl)

Donkey Curtsies ( Slow curtsies with an added donkey kick) 20 each leg ( Duck walk)

Lt. Dan’s ( jump lunge x 2 the a squat), 40 ( Lunge Walk)

Shoulder Tap x 100 ( Crawl Bear)

Merkins x 25 ( good ol’ fashioned run)

Dry Docks x 25 ( Crawl bear)

Thumb up/Leg up ( on your one, Six inch leg and contralateral arm lifts) Cadence x 20 each, Soda loved these… ( Duck Walk)

Table Top holds – Candence x 30, ( good ol’ fashioned run)

WWII x 30, ( good ol’ fashioned run)


Plank Ring of Fire, LBC’s, Freddie Mercury’s, Low Plank Ring of Fire


Prayers for those suffering this holiday as well as Crean ‘s MIL with surgical complications.