Thicket Soft Launch

July 25, 2016

WHEN: 07/25/2016
QIC: Yanni
PAX: Marky Mark,Trump,boyardee,Jeter,Yanni,Skynard,FNGs to be named on 8/1
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8 eager men showed up this morning at the Thicket for the soft launch and what would be another round of the Oh Craps game. They were excited, one might say they had a pep in their step, for they did know what lay ahead of them out in the gloom.

Warm Up
SSH x 25
IW x 20
Arm Circles x10 reverse x10

The Thang
Jog up the hill into the new construction where we found house plots with what one FNG informed us were sewer return pipes in front of each site. We would use those to start off our morning. Lunge to each pipe, stopping to complete 5 merkins at each sewer return, all the way up the hill into Briar Chapel. That was just getting us started as we gingerly trotted up to great meadow gazebo where the PAX completed dips and erkins on the picnic tables. Now the fun begins as we the PAX moved across the street and lined up for a bear crawl indian run all the way up the hill. By the time we got to the top the PAX was done with bear crawling and on the verge of mutiny. Back down the hill we ran to the outdoor ping pong tables where half the men would do 10 ping pong table pull ups or as Jeter named them PPPs, and the other half would complete box jumps on the outlining wall. Switch it up and repeat. Jog over to the parking lot where we found the Oh Craps dice of pain waiting our arrival. After 15 minutes of Oh Craps, YHC could sense the what once was a fictitious mutiny was turning into a real groundswell movement and so we moved on. We picked up the dice and headed back down the hill where we would use the same sewer return pipes to do a lunge/squat/burpee traveling circus. With the PAX in full on mutiny and threatening to throw the QIC overboard we headed back to home base.

Out of time

Official launch next Monday!