Ring around the Burpees

July 20, 2016

WHEN: 07/20/2016
QIC: Spooky
PAX: Gump,Blackball,Marta,Bouche,Blindside,Subprime,Champ,Weezer,Psycho T,GTL,Pedialite,Cheese Splint,Timber,KJS
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4 for EC and 16 for the main event with Spooky:

One lap around the parking lot
20 x IC SSH
12 x IC Imperial Walker
15 x 3-count down Squats
15 x 3-count down Merkins

The Thang:

Part A: “Ring around the Burpees”

Run to tennis courts (Four tennis courts used).

Each side of a tennis court has a named exercise (example: 15 burpees, 40 merkins, 30 tuck-jumps) for a total of eight exercises.

PAX bear-crawl for 1 minute around the outside of the tennis courts. Buzzer sounds after one minute. PAX perform exercise listed in the closest court – one minute to perform exercise. Then back to bear-crawl. Repeat every minute (bear-crawl (buzzer), perform closest exercise (buzzer), bear-crawl (buzzer), perform closest exercise, etc.

After three rounds of bear-crawl, switched to crab-walk.
After two rounds of crab-walk, switched to lunge-walk.
After two rounds of lunge-walk, switched to backwards run.
After one round of backwards run, switched to sprint.
After one round of sprint, switched to triple-jump traveling burpees.

(Feedback for next time: shorten intervals to 30 seconds. Chatter about needing music.)

Part B: “Box of Burpees”

PAX split into two teams. Each team tried to bounce tennis balls from their side of the tennis court into a cardboard box on the other team’s court. At the end of the game, the opposing team will perform one burpee for each ball in the box.

Rules: 1. Before you may fetch/pickup a tennis ball you must perform 10 LBCs. 2. You may not play “defense” and obstruct the balls from bouncing into the box. 3. Game ends after 5 minutes

Count the balls in each team’s box. Each team hit the deck for burpees OYO. Team One had 17 balls. Team Two had 18 balls.

Part C: Mary

20 x IC Mountain Climbers
20 x IC Peter Parkers
20 x IC Heels to Heaven
Ring of Fire Plank Hold