The Tugboat Competition

  • When: 04/30/18
  • QIC: Tugboat & Juco
  • The PAX: Juco, Bushwood, Grunge, Goatcheese, SalPal, Shake It, Baggins, Two Face, Dialup, Toolbox, Amphibious, Snowman, Funny Money, Crab Cake, Weenie Roast, Blue Indian, and welcome FNG Seahawk


EC started at 0500 sharp with a Juco beatdown. Ruck Merkins, pullups, KBs and lunge walks helped the time fly by.

At the ME there was a Big Bunyan Snowman sighting for the first time in months as he worked his way out of hibernation. A total of 19 PAX came out to support my VQ. I think I am missing two or three from the PAX list (please help).


  • 30 Side Shuffle Hops in Cadence
  • 16 little baby arm circles & 16 reverse
  • 15 Willie Mays Hayes in Cadence
  • 15 Good Mornings in Cadence

The Thang:

After a short mosey over to the hill, we split up into 5 teams to begin some rounds of competitions.

Round 1:

Three stage race to the track, only one teammate sprinting at a time. Once all teammate arrive at the stage, they continued to the following one.. First stage to the top of the hill, second stage to the ticket stand before the track, third stage at the entrance of the track. The winning team did 30 Merkins OYO with each following team doing 5 less Merkins.

Once at the track, we began 4 rounds of 100 Meter races

Round 2:

100 Meter Backwards sprint. Only one teammate sprinting at a time. First team to have everyone get to the other side wins. Resting/waiting teammates hold a low squat hold. 20 Merkins OYO after everyone completed the sprints. The plan was to do the same as round 1 for Merkins but realized that we were all exhausted enough (or at least I was) that I could not in the moment figure out who came in first to fifth. Going to need to modify the plans on future Qs to be able to easily incorporate this idea.

Round 3:

100 Meter Forward sprint. Same rules as last time. Forgot about the Merkins but made sure to include a quick 10 count by Shake It.

Round 4:

The round that killed us. 100 Meter bear crawl ‘race’. About 50 Meters was when I realized this was a bad idea. Everyone finished and we did some active rest Floyd planks followed by 30 Merkins OYO to make up for Round 3s miss.

Round 5:

Wrapped up my VQ with one last round of 100 meter sprints (more like a fast jog at this point) and then the Q was turned over to Juco.


Juco put the final beating on us with 1 very long minute of BTTW followed by 10 mountain climber burbees. Rinse and Repeat for one more round of BTTW and mountain climber burbees and then we mosied back to the parking lot for the Mary.


  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 WWIIs
  • 50 Kicks led by Bushwood in cadence


Tugboat gave the FNG a brief and definitely delayed disclaimer. No other announcements.

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