The Q’s Mercy

  • When: 04/30/18
  • QIC: Buffay
  • The PAX: Buffay, Nubbin, Pusher

YHC back from a Florida vacation ready to start the week right with a #therock Q.  YHC put on his shorts and newest version of F3 shirt.  Once in the garage, YHC could feel the chill in the air.  In just 3 days, YHC was used to Tampa spring temps again, when YHC opened his Weather app, he was in for a cruel surprise….39 degrees.  YHC sprinted back upstairs for the tights and long-sleeve shirt.

YHC arrived the top of #therock, properly attired, and ready to go.  2 PAX joined.  The fun began.


PAX moseyed down to the Traffic Circle to warm the bones.

SSH x 30 (cadence count)

LBAC x 10 (cadence count) and Reverse x 10 (cadence count)

GM x 10 (slow cadence count)

WMH x 10 (slow cadence count)


PAX moseyed over to Cates Creek Park.

1st exercise was a Merkin ladder.  At the top of the ladder, PAX stopped for 30 cadence count LBCs.  PAX climbed back down the ladder, once at the bottom, PAX completed 30 more cadence count LBCs.

2nd exercise was a “5-4-3-2-1,” consisting of:

(1) 50 single count Air-Squats

(2) 40 single count Dips

(3) 30 single count Curls (PAX grabbed the heaviest rock coupon out of the pile)

(4) 20 single count Carolina Drydocks

(5) 10 single count Pull-Ups

The PAX completed each section together.

3rd exercise was dreamed up by YHC prior to closing his eyes the night before.  YHC wanted to create a Hillsborough staple workout that can be done at any AO.  YHC termed such a workout The ROCK: Nolan (R)yans; (O)verhead Presses; (C)lurpees; and (K)nerkins.

YHC demonstrated the Nolan Ryan and the PAX completed 20 cadence county NRs.  PAX picked up their previously selected rock coupon for curls and utilized the same for 20 single count Overhead Presses.

YHC then demonstrated the 8-count Clurpee (Burpee with a clap-merkin inserted where the normal merkin is performed).  YHC prepared the PAX for 20 8-count Clurpees.  By the time the PAX reached 6, it was clear a modification was needed, YHC informed the PAX that 10 Clurpees was sufficient.

Lastly, PAX pushed ahead to 20 single count Knerkins (Knuckle Merkins).

Recovering from The ROCK, one PAX thanked YHC for the Q’s Mercy.

4th exercise, PAX moseyed to the jungle gym and completed a ladder of Pull-Ups: 2-4-6-8-10.  Once at 10 the PAX hopped off the top of the ladder rather than climbing back down.

5th exercise, after thoroughly enjoying The ROCK, YHC believed a half-version would be timely.

Nolan (R)yans x 10 (cadence count)

Overhead Press x 10 (single count)

Clurpees x 5 (8-count)

Knerkins x 10 (single count)

PAX were burnt.


PAX stayed at the Park for Mary.  PAX rotated exercises for a total of 6 (2 per PAX).

Leg-Lifts – hips flat x 10 (single count), Leg-Lifts – rotate hips to the right x 10 (single count), Leg-Lifts – rotate hips to the left x 10 (single count)

Russian Hammers x 20 (cadence count)

Box Cutters x 20 (cadence count)

Sweaty Star 15 second count per PAX rotate around all 3 PAX

Freddie Mercuries x 20 (cadence count)

Hello Dollies x 10 (cadence count)

PAX moseyed back to the top of #therock.


1 year anniversary of #duck-and-weave this Friday, May 4!  Prayer requests for: (i) Nubbin’s end of May 10-year wedding anniversary trip that has been years in the making; (ii) Nickelback’s recovery (pulled hamstring and upper respiratory issues – get healthy, need you ready to rock for the 1 year anniversary); and (iii) the ability to be present and patient with our family and friends.


Another wonderful morning in the Gloom.  No better way to start the day in the Northern Province.  SYITG @ #the-skunk.

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