The Slow Burn

July 7, 2020

WHEN: July 7, 2020
QIC: Marky Mark
PAX: Bogey, Chum, Quicken, Paper Jam, Singlet
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After a lot of workouts with a lot of reps, YHC wanted to go a different route this morning at The Jag. Instead of high reps at high tempo, the order of the day was a slowdown — great form at a very slow pace. You’ve never lived until you’ve done the slow cadence hillbilly …


AC, WMH, Ham Stretch, Hip Stretch

Main Event

Stacking slow rep exercises, running a lap in between each set


Merkin, Squat

Merkin, Squat, Dip

Merkin, Squat, Dip, Hillbilly

Merkin, Squat, Dip, Hillbilly, LBC

Merkin, Squat, Dip, Hillbilly, LBC, Step Lunge

Merkin, Squat, Dip, Hillbilly, LBC, Step Lunge, PU Negatives


Plank cycle (yet to be named)

Singlet chose Michael Myers

Bogey chose LSF

Quicken chose ___ ?


There was an attempt at symbolism here. Our quarantined lives have slowed down and,  while it’s been hard, we should make the most of it.