Do It Live

July 7, 2020

WHEN: July 3, 2020
QIC: Coxswain
PAX: Magellan, Shake It, Happy Trees, Iggy Peck, Bitcoin (for Coffeteria)
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YHC learned he was Q’ing the workout upon waking up on Friday morning. A quick visit to YHC’s workout archive and some mixing & matching later and we were ready to do it live!

Warm Up: 15 SSHs, 10 windmills, 10 willie mays hayes, and 10 slow merkins

The Thang: This workout was broken up into timed sets. The PAX were instructed that they would be given a set amount of time to complete a prescribed quantity of exercises and reps. A PAX completed a set either when he completed all the prescribed reps or when the time expired.

Set 1. 15 minutes to complete: 50 jump squats, 50 LBCs, 50 merkins, 50 lunges (25 per leg), 50 mountain climbers, and 50 burpees. Sprint 200 yards every 3 minutes.

Set 2. 5 minutes to complete 9:1 broad jump:spiderman merkin (9 broad jumps, 1 spiderman merkin, 8 broad jumps, 2 spiderman merkins, etc.)

Set 3. 5 minutes to complete 20:2 box jump:dip (20 box jumps, 2 dips, 18 box jumps, 4 dips, etc.)

Mary: dealer’s choice. Each PAX led the group through 10 core exercises of his choice. We completed 10 American Hammers, 10 V-ups + American hammers, 10 pickle pounders, 10 hello dollys, and 10 flutter kicks.

COT: have a safe and healthy Fourth of July weekend everybody!