The MLP 500

February 19, 2021

WHEN: February 16, 2021
QIC: My Little Pony
PAX: Frizzle, Count Chocula, Swamp, Cardiac, Pallino, Boucher, Castaway, Awesome Baby, Bellhop, Floyd, Knope, Jellystone, Wreck It Ralph, Scapula, Cosmo
LOCATION: The Piranha
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YHC turned 39 today (Tuesday) and decided to theme his Q after his renewed love of NASCAR. Was into as a kid, because my dad was, lost interest for 20 years and then rediscovered in during the pandemic when all the other sports were shut down. Something hypnotizing about watching cars go fast and listening to all that horsepower. And the fact that I can gamble on it now, also helps.

Anyway, the new NASCAR season began on Sunday with the Daytona 500, so that seemed like a solid theme to build on for the inaugural MLP 500.

After a standard warm-up, it was over to the fancy peanut (forget the Piranha’s preferred verbiage) with everyone lined up behind their on bollard for social distancing. Our “race” would be 5 laps around the track with each PAX completing 100 reps before each lap…totaling 500.

The 100 reps were made up of 20 merkins, 20 mountain climbers IC, 20 squats SC, 20 reverse lunges SC, and 20 WW2’s.

After completing your 100 reps, you were free to race around the track, but everyone knows you can’t go full pedal to the metal around the track our you’ll end up in the wall. So, we sprinted the straightaways and “slowed down” in the curves with a crab walk around the round ends of the oval.

We also had 3 crashes throughout the race that resulted in YHC calling out that we were under caution. When under caution, you had to do continuous burpees. Your burpees were stationery in your were at the bollard or the traveling variety if you were out of the track, so you were still making progress but at a much slower speed. These cautions lasted various lengths based on the amount of debris on the track (aka YHC just made it up) but were all memorably miserable.

Each time you got back to the start/finish line, you took the first available bollard, so we were jockeying for position on the track can and competing for the fictional trophy throughout the race.

Really great push by all PAX to compete the race and to everyone’s complete shock, the underdog Cardiac race team took home the checkered flag.

Mosey back to the lot for a little MARY, which included

Boat / Canoe & an alternate Hi/Lo plank ring of fire.

Fun morning with SoDu’s finest and great start to YHC’s 39th birthday. Thanks for humoring me fellas!