The Millennial

  • When: 08/12/19
  • QIC: Grunge
  • The PAX: Soda Popinski, Dial Up, Larry Legend, Vespa, 2Ply, Magellen, Funny Money (Respect!), Roach, Shake It, Tater Tot, 3Peat


Kudos to Shake It and Happy Trees for launching the 39th (40th?) AO in Churham. I have been to many regions throughout the U.S. and it never fails to amaze PAX when I tell them there are that many AOs in our little neck of the woods. Then, to really fry their wontons, I like to throw in that it takes a bit under an hour to drive from the southern most AO (The Earl) to the northern most (The Skunk)…and about 35 minutes to get from the western most (Paradise) to the eastern most (The Piranha). Yeah, man. Our region is THICC AF.

Be that as it may, when Trees shared with me the plans for launch a couple months back, I knew I had to venture out and check it out for me-self. As I like to say, nothing to it, but to Q it. Verdict?? Great AO, endless options, tons to play with (…although, I am not sure there are pull up bars??). An awesome addition to an awesome region. Highly encourage and recommend the brotherhood to come check it out. Better yet, step up and Q it. Well worth the 30-40 minute drive (prob not much of anything for all y’all Durhamites).

OK, enough chatter.


Conditions: 70 degrees. Lovely temp. Humidity – 91%. Sucked balls.


Sun Gods, F, x10 Single OYO; Sun Gods, R, x10 Single OYO

Michael Phelps, x10 Single OYO

Air Squats, x10 Single OMD

Dive Bombs, x10 Single OMU

Leg Swings, R, x10 Single OYO; Leg Swings, L, x10 Single OYO

SSH, x20 Cadence


Mosey to the Track. Gather at one end of the 100M line. Workout for today is The Millennial.

Rules are simple and straightforward. There are 10 exercises. The goal is to perform 100 reps of each (10 x 100 = 1000). PAX will start as a group and perform each set of exercises OYO. The first PAX to complete 100 reps will then take off and sprint 100M to the other end of the track. The rest of the group will stop and chase the PAX for 100M. Winner of each set will be granted a special privilege at the end. (PAX were advised that we are all adults here, there are no proctors, this is entirely on the honor system. Use your own conscience as your guide).

Exercises included the following:

  • SSH
  • Lunge (x50 per leg)
  • Merkin
  • LBC
  • Air Squat
  • Dry Dock
  • Flutter Kick (x50 per leg)
  • Mountain Climber (x50 per leg)
  • OH Clap

YHC now gets why Larry is “Legend” as he showed himself to be a dominant force and that Dial Up was basically named on opposite day because he is fast AF. Honorable mention to Shake It for tying on the Lunge set. Millennials may be (imho, unfairly and inaccurately) portrayed as lazy and entitled in the media, but YHC can attest to the fact that the Jolly Roger PAX was anything but lazy and entitled out there. This was one bad ass crew that got a lot of solid reps and sprints in out there in the gloom.

Final round is the “winners” round – burpees. Winners get the special privilege of being front and center to lead the PAX for 10 sets of burpee variations, 10 reps each. Good news: those of us that were not able to complete all 100 reps of each of the preceding exercises, will most certainly be getting all of our burpee reps in as we will be doing these as a group. Bad news: time was working against us. Burpee variations included: Standard, Lateral Broad Jump, Single Leg (L), Single Leg (R), Groiner/Kick Out, Triple Merkin, 10 Second Low Plank, Broad Jump.

Unfortunately, time was running low and with 5 minutes remaining, YHC called it and had the group run back to StartEx. Roach suggested a good spot near the end of the track for Mary as the parking lot surface was less than hospitable. Great call – and thanks brother.


  • Star Crunch (good Little Debbie’s chatter fodder), x20 Single OMU
  • Leg Raises, x15 Single OMU
  • Kick Outs, x10 Single OMO
  • WWIIs, x5 Single OMU

Close with 10 burpees, OYO (yup, missed a final set of 10 due to Nails’ absence). Took it back to StartEx. Strong work by all. Great site, great group, great morning!




  • Jolly Roger will converge at Devil’s Ridge on Mon, 9/2/19 – Labor Day. 0530 Launch. Shake It has signed up to Q.



  • YHC took us out in prayer

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