Ants on a Log

  • When: 08/12/19
  • QIC: Nickelback
  • The PAX: Mueller, Brick, Halfback, Nubbin, Amelia, Toast McQueen, Slice & Dice

I promised myself publishing a backblast was more important than writing a novel. I will try, but a moment of artistic license. In preparation for this Q I wanted to discover some new warm-ups and weight related workouts. Fortunately the F3 Exicon and the GoRuck PT Exercises resources are gifts that just keep on giving. Back to the task at hand. Brevity.

One more thing…YHC pulled up to the park gate to unload the coupons. Locked. Good I thought. As I channeled my inner Jocko I carried the coupons into 3 different strategic locations. I smiled thinking how the plan was coming together just in time for the cop to come as I finished unloading. Good.


  • Mosey to traffic circle
  • SSAs: 15 IC (pax enjoyed the early exposure to wet field…more of that to come)
  • Goofballs: 15 IC
  • Mosey to parking lot
  • Bone the Fish: shuffle left/sprint 1 spot/shuffle right; bear crawl left/up/right….until the Pax said they were warmed-up….mission accomplished

The Thang

Pax moseyed to the near soccer field goal. 3 weights were waiting: weight plate, kettlebell, and sandbag. To create build-up of what was to come YHC had the pax plank hold while retrieving the infamous Rock log on the outside of the soccer field with partner Nubbin. Upon carrying it back to the Pax YHC neck started to itch….ants on the log! Plan needed on the fly adjustment. No log. Partner carries would be the timer.

Round 1

Perfect numbers this morning brought the plan all together-even with the log snafu. A station for each pax to complete with a dealers’s choice of Mary thrown in from each Pax Member, here is a summary of how it went down:

  • Pax Team #1: Partner carry to far goal/flapjack
  • Team #2: one pax completing High Pulls with weight plate partner completing dealer’s choice of core exercise and then they flapjacked when team 1 started coming back
  • Team #3: kettlebell swings/dealer’s choice mary
  • Team #4: overhead squats with sandbag/dealer’s choice mary


Each Pax completed 10 true pull-ups with their partner spotting and upon completion moseyed to the center of the soccer field for some plank holds.

Round 2

3 new stations for the pax awaited at the far goal post: 35lbs weight plate, 30 rucksack 25lbs kettlebell.

  • Pax Team #1: Partner carry to far goal/flapjack
  • Team #2: upright rows with weight plate/partner completing dealer’s choice of core exercise and then they flapjacked when team 1 started coming back
  • Team #3: plank pull through with rucksack/dealer’s choice mary
  • Team #4: tricep extension with kettlebell/dealer’s choice mary


Each Pax completed 10 pull-ups this time with the reverse hold as whatever the did before. Just to make sure we were testing both grips. Upon completion moseyed to the park restrooms for some 10 count people’s chair down the line until we felt the burn going lower, slower, and holding hands out in front. Good.

Round 3

Pax moseyed to the parking lot where the final coupons were waiting. Two 45-lbs weight plates. Each pax took a turn carrying them to the handicap sign and back while they left us with a dealer’s choice mary exercise. Mary exercises included some classic ones like shoulder taps, Russian Hammers, LBCs, WWIIs, etc and then Amelia introduced everyone to the “on your back 6 inch leg hold snow angel movement” while he laughed running away carrying the weights.

We carried the two 45lbs weight back to the “flag” (site Q Pusher doing important managerial activities so we didn’t have the flag we made due) and circled up.

Official Mary

We had torched the core all morning but YHC had a new Mary exercise from the Exicon that just needed to be completed right at 0614. Australian Snow Angels!


  • Aug 21st 8pm at Yonders in Hillsborough for Trivia night and F2
  • Prayers for Nubbin and family expecting any day now
  • Prayers for travels for Pax this week in and out of town

Pleasure to lead the men this morning in the gloom. Ants and all!


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