The Least Talented PAX I’ve Ever Coached

January 14, 2020

WHEN: January 14, 2020
QIC: Banana Split
PAX: Bell’s, Sherwin, Gigi, Pancake, Crimson, Lowtide, Sweater Vest, Deepdish, Justice, Nightcrawler (FNG)
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Lotta rain and thunder last night…and yet 11 still showed up to do the thing.

Warm Up — usual things.

Main Event — run around East Forest Hills, take the back street up Beverly that we usually don’t run. Stop at points along the way for sets of unpleasant burpees X10 OYO:

  • Triple Merkin Burpees
  • Hansbrough Burpees — with a mule kick
  • True American Burpees
  • Tom Waits Burpees — clap hands

More Main Event — backwards run up the super long hill, crank push-ups bottom, top, and bottom.

Still More Main Event — pair off for merkin contest, one PAX runs the hill, the other cranks push-ups AMRAP, two legs in the race. Winning pair — Sweater Vest and Lowtide (?) — did 141. Wrapped up with about 1.75 miles.

Mary — shoulder burnout (overhead press, seal clap, overhead clap X 15 IC) and ab burnout (some mix of LBC, Dolly, Flutter, Heels, Freddie, IC, lots of them, in the rain.)

COT — Prayers for Gigi and his family — his father and mother-in-law both passed away recently. FNG Nightcrawler, named as such b/c he’s a fisherman.

Notes — excellent chatter from FNG Nightcrawler (made a wet dream joke on his first day, very well done) and Sweater Vest (nice commentary re: the Tar Heels dumpster fire season, inspired the title of the BB).