Pleasure Sounds

January 14, 2020

WHEN: January 14, 2020
QIC: Brotox
PAX: Bob, Bright Idea, Bump Draft, Chum, Cricket, Dueling Banjos, Iron Lung (Respect!), Jingles, Jinx, Kosher, Lite Brite, RG3
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The twin forces of the Tuesdays on Ice Challenge and training for the Tobacco Road Half Marathon converged this morning to lead me to my #therabbit site vQ.  In planning out the Q I tossed around a variety of ideas, but wasn’t convinced I could successfully pull any of them off while still trying to keep the PAX together.  In the end, I decided best to keep it simple and uncomplicated such that I didn’t completely screw things up (don’t worry, I saved the screw up for Mary instead).  

The weather was a bit iffy overnight with strong thunderstorms rolling through the area around 2am, waking up YHC, his M, and his two spoiled rotten dogs that insisted they be let out of their crates and climb into bed with us.  YHC drifted back off to sleep and was happy to see that the by the time the alarm went off at 0425, there appeared to be a break in the storms that would allow us to squeeze in our workout without fear of being struck down by lightning.

As the PAX gathered, a few of us played a guessing game of Queen or Vanilla Ice courtesy of the bassline coming from Iron Lung’s truck; no reference to A1A or Beachfront Avenue…must be Queen. For the record, Iron Lung appeared indignant that we’d even consider the possibility he was listening to Vanilla Ice (we should have known, since he wasn’t rolling in his 5.0). As has become custom, a shoeless Jingles came rolling in hot right at 0530 and proceeded to sit on the curb and put his socks and shoes on.  The guy really needs to set his alarm for 5 minutes earlier. Not to be outdone, Bob rolled in right as warm-ups started, giving us an even dozen to begin. And we’re off!


  • SSH x20 IC
  • High Knees x10 IC
  • Good Mornings x 10 IC
  • Willie Mays Hayes x 10 IC
  • 30 seconds to stretch out anything else

The Thang

The plan called for two laps of the 2.5 mile loop leading out of the clubhouse, down Great Ridge Pkwy to Pollard Middle School, up Granite Mill Blvd to #thewall, then up Briar Chapel Pkwy to the clubhouse. 

Lap 1 was performed at fellowship pace and ended up coming in at just under 9-minute miles.  At the end of lap 1, Cricket’s British knees had called uncle and he was in need of bailing out.  No worries, mate, take care of those knees and we’ll see you back out soon—Bump Draft was there to tag in giving us a grand total of 13 PAX that showed their face at some point this morning.

Lap 2 was performed as a fartlek (Swedish for “speed-play”, if you’re wondering) where we alternated walks, runs, and sprints between each light post along the route.  At some point along the way we lost both Jingles and Bump Draft, but everyone seemed confident they were sufficiently sober to find their way home.

With our two laps complete, Kosher had to slip out early before Mary…presumably to get to work early as YHC thinks he’s still spending extra time at work figuring out how to explain to clients the indecipherable new name for BB&T (Truist, seriously?).

The 9 PAX remaining quickly wished they had also come up with an excuse to leave early.


During lap 2 the rains had come and gone, leaving the parking lot quite wet upon our return to the AO.  Not being one to shy away from a little water, YHC didn’t think it a big deal to hop down onto his six for a round of Asheville Abs.  Well, this quickly fired up the mumble chatter machine amongst the PAX and YHC realized these PAX forged of iron and steel on Bootcamp days turned into delicate flowers on Running days!  Kidding aside, YHC made a mistake there and should have called an audible to a different exercise or moved to a drier location.  Live and learn!  Thanks to the PAX for sticking it out, and just think:  if we had never gotten down on the wet ground we wouldn’t have been treated to Dueling Banjos’ wet skin suction sounds against the pavement (“pleasure sounds”, I believe he called them, but I was laughing to hard to hear him clearly).

Asheville Abs consists of 5 rounds of sit-ups x10 IC, each with legs in a different position (flat on ground, knees bent, knees splayed out, knees @90 degrees w/ feet off ground, and finally legs pointing straight up).


Tuesdays on Ice continues through February (though, to date, YHC believes only 1 or 2 of the 6 Tuesdays in December/January have been even remotely cold—most have amazingly had temps in the 50s or 60s). 

March is co-Q month at #thebighouse.  Sign up with another person to co-Q a workout together.


At home, YHC is currently knee deep in dealing with 5 year olds that want to misbehave and test boundaries.  Time outs and alone time in their bedroom are meant to provide an opportunity for the kids to calm down and gather their emotions, but instead they’ve had the opposite effect for our daughter whereby she just gets more upset.  Last night, the M was telling me a story of the day’s events in which she had to take a different tactic with our daughter because our actions to date “were obviously not working as they clearly weren’t producing the desired effect.”  YHC is ashamed to admit it but this wasn’t as obvious to him as it should have been until the M said it, at which point it became crystal clear.  There are times in life where our actions aren’t producing the desired outcome, but for whatever reason we’re blind to that fact and can’t seem to implement a course correction.  As with most things the first step is identifying the problem, but you can’t identify it if you don’t look.  I encourage you to actively seek to identify places where you’re not getting the desired outcome (at home, at work, in your fitness, etc.).  What do you need to change in your actions to achieve the outcome you desire?

Until next time, Aye!