The Fellowship of the Leg

  • When: 02/14/18
  • QIC: Rambler
  • The PAX: Boyardee, Marky Mark, Rambler, Nitro, Hornytoad, Golden Pinky, Zook, As Is, GTL,John Boy, Duplo


Today marked week 2 of Power Month at the Big House. YHC felt honored to be selected for the Mystery Q of Leg Day. Sometime last week, Marky Mark commented that it would be Valentine’s Day as well, and wondered if that would play into The Thang. YHC thought that partnering up as an homage to both V-Day and the import of Fellowship in F3 would make for a great workout.


SSH x 30
LBAC x 10
RLBAC x 10
Slow Merkin x 10
Slow Willy Mays Hays x 10
Squatting hillbilly x 10

The Thang

PAX partnered up (we had one trio) at the central roundabout in Briar Chapel. Conveniently, there are two low walls about 20 yards apart in the grassy area of said roundabout. For each set piece, each PAX would perform the exercise on each side before traveling to the other wall in a sufficiently exhausting manner:

P1: Plank
P2: 20x Lateral Leap over partner
Partner Lateral Squat Walk to the opposite wall
Rinse and repeat

Fellowship Lap & Low Squat Hold

20x Box Jump
Leap Frog to the opposite wall
Rinse and repeat

Fellowship Lap & Low Squat Hold

20x Partner Getup each
Buddy Carry to the opposite wall
Rinse and repeat

10x Partner Hamstring Curls each
Partner Drag to the opposite wall
Rinse and repeat

Under and Over x10 each
We were running out of time but I wanted to get Under and Overs in, as they are exhausting. Partner 1 planks while Partner 2 crawls under, jumps up, then over Partner 1 and assumes plank position. Partner 2 does the same. Rinse and repeat.

Box Cutters
Flutter kicks
Corpse Pose


  • Boyardee is heading up a 3rd  F opportunity at Penny Lane Farm; check the 3rd F channel
  • Sign up for the Tar Heel Ten Miler and join a bunch of PAX and Speed For Need


Fellowship is defined as a friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests. While fitness was the driver to get my out and try F3, fellowship has become the largest benefit overtime. Fellowship keeps us accountable to each other. Fellowship provides an opportunity to use our gifts and assist others. Fellowship allows us to hear different perspectives. Iron sharpens iron; fellowship allows us to grow together. Isolation is the enemy of fellowship, leading to stagnation in personal growth, relationships, and more. We are all in this crazy world together 24/7, not just in the Gloom. Let’s take the lessons we learn each morning and spread that fellowship to our larger circles: family, work colleagues, community, any more. Be in fellowship, everyday. Get better, everyday.


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