Battle for Chubbs Hill (aka: Shots and Squats)

  • When: 02/14/18
  • QIC: Happy Gilmore
  • The PAX: Knope, Tater Tot, Green Egg, Roach, Soda Popinski, Prosecco, Bob Eucker, The Exchange, Happy Gilmore (Q)


Introduction: YHC has been trying to come up with ways to test all PAX regardless of current physical abilities.  YHC has also been searching for simpler and simpler workouts, as he finds that oftentimes those are the ones that sneak up on you.  Today’s workout was YHC’s attempt at a simplistic workout.

Warmup: 2 PAX for EC ruck pre-workout.

5:30 came and 9 PAX are present.  Disclaimer was presented and off we go.

SSH x 14 (Valentines Day)

Willie Mays Hayes (Yes Yes Yes) x 10

Stretch whatever you need because we have to get after it!

The Thang: Mosey to the top of Chubbs Hill.  True-Americans x5 at the top of the hill – avoid the car on the third rep, and then get back down and finish them off.  Mosey to the bottom of Chubbs Hill.

Catch an Al Gore at the Road Crossing.

YHC described the Goal – Bearpee to the top of Chubbs Hill.  Avoid modification if possible – if All PAX do not complete before we run out of time and have to go back to the AO we fail to take the Hill.   If you reach the top of the hill, track back and catch the six, continue to bearpee with the six.

Started Bearpees at 5:40.

All PAX reached the summit of Chubbs Hill at 6:03.

Mosey back to the AO, Catch 2 Al Gore’s on the way to prep for the six.  Back to AO about 6:08.

YHC Pulls speaker out of the car – two words in this song – Squats = Continuous Air Squats; Shots = Continuous Bobby Hurleys.  Don’t stop moving.

Turned the speaker on and off we go.  After 3 minutes of our life we will never get back the song ends.

Dealer’s Choice Mary:

YHC started -On the six for a modified Weezey Jefferson or Box Cutter (legs up on 1, try to draw a heart on the way down) x 15

Bob Uecker – Russian(American) Hammers / Freedom Twists

Roach – Flutters

Knope – Some crazy Excercise i have never done before but it was awesome (will add when he tells me the name of it)

6:15 Done


No prayer requests.  The Bull is April 14th.  2nd F Durham Valentines Day Lunch today at Old Havana. Roach takes us out.

YHC Has signed up for the Q on May 23rd when we will “Retreat from Chubbs Hill”.   YHC Understands if nobody shows up that day.


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