The Exotic Return of Southern Village

May 18, 2020

WHEN: 05/18/2020
QIC: Bump Draft and Spooky
PAX: Homes (Respect), Trigger, TPS Reports, Spooky, Foley, Palmolive, Kevin (Respect), Catskill (Respect), Moore, Cauliflower, Pookie (Respect), Cousin-Vinny Exotic, Bogey, Singlet, Manafort, Spam, Swingline

Summary: The Southern Village crew includes a host of eclectic characters that are not limited to the temporarily-named and shaven Cousin-Vinny Exotic and Trigger. If you do ever decide to run a Q at Pleasantville, I recommend choosing one section dedicated to the Fire Drill, because several of the PAX have a ‘nuanced’ way of calling out “Fire!”

Joe Exotic's Songs Aren't Sung By Him – Here's Who Actually Sings Them

Warm-up: Green space area

SSH – 25; 20 squat; 15 mountain climbers; 10 regular burpees (no-pushup)

Fire Drill — all 18 PAX called Fire — Singlet won for the best “Fire!”

08-this-home-fire-drill-can-save-your-family-s-life-760x506 - City ...


People’s Chair  – everyone does 10 count; 10 burpees; 20 derkins followed by 20 erkins;

Run around circumference of Scroggs

PC 8 count; 15 burpees

25 derkins and 25 erkins

Run around c doing flying nuns

Part II:

The Sea Shanty (modified leg wrecker); split group, while the other holds pulsing Al Gore

Frontward crab crawl to group 100 yards away; other group then crab crawls until reach where the other group began;

Part III: Burpee/SSH mania;

5 starjacks; 5 incognito burpees (kickout and tuck jump)

10 plyojacks; 10 regular burpees

15 starjacks; 15 incognito burpees

20 plyojacks; 20 regular burpees

15 regular jacks; 15 burpees with a push-up

10 seal clap jacks; 10 burpees with a push-up

5 SSH; and 5 incognito burpees

Final: Ring of Fire; 3 count plank hold (x18); second round 3 push-ups

Mary: scissors x 15;

Announcements: Q sheets are indeed open throughout Churham; check AO’s on Slack for potential time changes;

COT: I spoke from a part of quote where Winston Churchill addressed the strength of solitary trees and character development. Let us veteran solitary trees reach out to those weathering tough times. Aye!

Solitary trees grow strong

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