Ups and Downs

  • When: 08/14/19
  • QIC: Dueling Banjos
  • The PAX: Stubbs, Marky Mark, Chum, Splashback, Jingles, Mothman, Brotox, RG3

YHC awoke to the sound of thunder, which is never what you want to hear when you have the Q. Backup plans began for a change of plans to Q under a shelter with small numbers. The backup was tabata for 40 minutes. Miraculously, as the time got closer, the ran slowed. The thunder and lightning seemed to move away. And the PAX started to congregate. 

Chum arrived out of the gloom first after an hour ruck in the thunder and rain (Tclaps!!). Slowly others arrived until we had quorum. YHC asked the pax whether they wanted the covered Q or the outside Q. The consensus was outside. With that we got started.


The Good Mornings IC x 10
WMH IC x 10
Merkins IC x 10
SSH IC x 10
Arm Circles IC x 10
Reverse IC x 10
Warm up lap

Thang 1: Merkins and Sprints

Mosey to the grass park

Sprint AYG to other end of field and back

Merkins (10,20,30,20,10)

Thang 2: Stairway to Seven (up and down)

1 burpee (2… 7… 1)

1 irkin (2… 7… 1)

1 Johnny drama (2… 7… 1)

1 Squat (2… 7… 1)

Thang 3: Dip Escalator

Dips (10,20,30,20,10)


LBC IC x 10
LBC IC x 20
LBC IC x 30
LBC IC x 20
LBC IC x 10

Corpse pose (Stubbs)

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