The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Elevens

  • When: 10/11/19
  • QIC: Pusher
  • The PAX: Brick, Buffay, Busch League, Cort├ęs, Halfback, Juice, Milton, Nubbin, Slice and Dice

Q 3/3 for my first Hillsborough Trip Nip. Found “Indian Run” (known in our Province as Ricky Bobby) 11s on the Exicon and thought I’d give it a try.

Warmup: Mosey to Ballos de negros (probably more correctly bolas negras…but these are those big concrete balls at the entrance to the River Walk and the name’s now part of our Northern Province culture). Invisible jump rope IC x 20, Rotational jacks IC x 20, Good mornings IC x 10, Plank jack IC x 20. Bounders from Ballos to entrance to parking garage. High knees half-way back, butt kickers next half. Mosey across the Eno to former site of “Stickwork” art.

Thang: Pax line up in Ricky Bobby position. Most have head lamps as requested. 11s will be burpees and superman pulls. The twist was a 17″ truck tire would be carried by Pax sprinting to front and dropped for the next. I realized this was clearly a compact pickup tire straight from suburbia but still added a formidable challenge. Maybe Milton has a spare tire for future beat downs? So we started with 10 burpees and the “recovery” was called out throughout the event (e.g. LBC, flutters, plank, Annies, etc.) until the 6 was done and then Ricky Bobby about 500 yards up and down a carefully selected hill on the River Walk. Then superman pulls and back. Pax asked to keep the same order to give each guy reps. With 5 minutes left I made a pivot to shorten the distance and the Pax completed 7 pulls and 4 burpees down to 10 and 1 OYO. Most RYAO up and down the first hill. We counted the “recovery” ab work as our Mary. On the mosey back to shovel flag Brick tells me we traveled just over 2 miles.

COT: Sign up for the Bull on 10/26. See Slack for details. Congrats to Buffay (Hathaway Pendergrass) on public announcement of his run for District Court Judge for Chatham and Orange Counties. Coffeteria at Cup-a-joe immediately following today’s beat down. I am delighted to have my photo with the Trip Nip “trophy” passed on by our local celebrity Halfback. Who will come after the nips next?

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