Crawl This Way

  • When: 10/01/19
  • QIC: Yanni
  • The PAX: Nitro, Brotox, Catskill

It’s gonna be like a beautiful dance, boys.
4 able and willing men showed up to get stronger.

ssh, IW,WMH,Slow Merkin with ascending peter parker on the down

100 burpees, 10 mins.
10 burpees every minute, rest till top of the minute

Line up along the parking lines
Man at the end bear crawls out 2 parking spaces, merkin walks to opposite side as remaining pax merkin walk opposite direction, repeat all the way across parking lot

same as above, expect crawl bear

same as above, pax moving solo lunges with cinder block 2 spaces, merkin walks to other side
remaining men merkin walk the opposite direction, repeat all the way down the parking lot

Mosey over to small hill across from main entrance
Jacobs ladder(6) merkins/burpees

Mosey to playground
AMRAP pullups on each of the 3 stations

Mosey back to AO
merkins with peter parker at bottom of merkin

Be excellent to each other!

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