Ten by ten

  • When: 10/10/19
  • QIC: Funny Money
  • The PAX: Clipboard, Gigi, Brain Freeze, Crabcake, Toolbox, Dial Up, Sherwin, Tugboat

It was October 10th (10/10) so it seemed like a great idea to do lots of sets of 10. Simple, consistent, like mashed potatoes.


10 Good Mornings
10 Willie Mays Hayes
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Squats


We moseyed around downtown, stopping every 2-3 minutes for some sets of 10:
10 slow merkins
10 flutter kicks
10 LBCs
10 squats
10 World War IIs

We stopped at the skate park, in the parking lot outside Rise, and on the plaza outside the Convention Center (where we saw a scooter and formed a circle around the scooter to make it look like our bizarre pre-dawn cult was actually devoted to scooter worship–we embellished the image by mixing in a set of Harvesters–I guess you had to be there?

Then we arrived at the Chapel Hill Street parking deck. We proceeded to bear crawl all the way up the ramps to the roof. On the roof we did some more sets of 10, then proceeded to the stairwell, where we ran down and up the stairs x2. We followed that with more sets of 10, then moseyed down the stairs and back to the AO.


The Bull is October 26th.
The Bullpen needs Q signups!
We closed with a prayer of thanksgiving for the healing and return of both Toolbox and Crabcake. We missed you boys!

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