Strive on

  • When: 06/28/19
  • QIC: Stop Drop and Roll
  • The PAX: 18 of em - mumble chatter was high until it wasn't

Thang 1

40 SSH 10 SmurfJacks

Arm circles


Good mornings

Burpee EMOM ladder up to 12 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  • When there’s free time – stretch in between – there will be no rest afterwards
  • *YHC might’ve fudged the minute counters on the early counts to save time.

Thang 2

Run to Carolina theatre  – stopping at each intersection (at the nearest safeish spot) for an escalator on the way there

  • Pushups x 5, 10, 20
  • Squats x 5, 10, 20
  • Drydocks x 5, 10, 20
  • WWIIs x 5, 10, 20

Arrival at Carolina Theatre, specifically the steep af stairs at their side entrance (23 of them precisely)

  • Stairssssss – 1 squat every stair – work your way to the top
  • 1 push-up every stair to the top
    • 23 pushups, fall in line and do it again once you’re done – 43 total
  • PAX return to bottom for some high/low plank and stuff, then back to stairs
  • Squat escalator increasing number on every stair – I believe Coxswain referred to it as a broken escalator. I like it
    • 23 stairs – start at 1 on the first step, move up a step, do 2, move up a step, do 3… on and on and on…
    • Total = 276 squats – mumble chatter gone
  • PAX complete some ab stuff at the bottom while waiting for six to finish

Run back to startex moving down the escalator

  • Pushups x 20, 10, 5
  • Squats x 20, 10, 5
  • Drydocks x 20, 10, 5
  • WWIIs x 20, 10, 5

At Startex we returned to the mountaintop because we had 1 minute left

  • 12 burpees



Jolly Roger Starting MONDAY – hard launch – it’s time – Happy Trees has promised a geometric dance ensemble in the shape of  flag for strava. Or something like that

Romper Room starting in August – at thin blue line 815 – 9: Ms and 2.0s welcome


The Quote from BOM today: “You can’t ever reach perfection, but you can believe in an asymptote toward which you are endlessly striving.”

  • When Breath Becomes Air

Find something worth striving for, men. Perfection is unattainable. That’s a good thing. All of the best neurotransmitters release in the brain not when we GET something, they release as we THINK about getting something – as we’re working towards something. We destroy ourselves emotionally because we think we aren’t good enough, but really all our natural mind wants to do is have some hope of achieving something. Whether or not you get it the striving is good for you.

Find something and go get it.

Much love,


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