400 m Card Table

  • When: 06/26/19
  • QIC: Knope
  • The PAX: Brick, Cortes, Justice, Low Tide, Milton, Muzungu, Nickleback, Nubbin, Pusher, Reverse Mortgage (FNG), Toast McQueen, Vespa, Wayward Son

With the summer upon us, I’m able to venture farther away than my usual AOs. Wednesday was my first opportunity to visit The Skunk this year. With the Q sheet open I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the Northern Province. 0530 rolled in on a great morning weather-wise along with 14 PAX (including a 2.0 and an FNG) for a simple yet effective use of the track.

Warm Up

SSH x 24

Good Morning x 12

Willie Mays Hayes x 12

Batwing (LBAC x 12, RLBAC x 12, Seal Claps x 13, OH Clap x 14, Shoulder Press x 15, all cadence count)

Mosey to the Track

The Thang

YHC explained the workout and counted off. 1/2 the PAX started on the opposite side of the track taking 1/2 of the F3 Exercise Card Deck with them. Each PAX drew a card performed the exercise (25 reps for face cards, 10+ number value on the number cards), and ran to the next pile of cards. If the PAX drew a method of travel, they drew another card performed that exercise, then used that method of travel for the next 200m. Some observations of the PAX that crushed it:

-Reverse lunge walk for 200 m is really hard.

-Chuck Norris Merkins were drawn often. I’m concerned, based on the mumble chatter, that these will not become a regular part of workouts.

-Wayward Son (2.0 of Blistex, now of KC fame), chose the harder thing making several of his counts cadence instead of single counts (h/t to Blistex, Reverse Mortgage and the rest of their family for instilling that drive).

-High knees, while they don’t seem tough, are very tough for 200 m.

-In addition to the exercises, this will account for nearly 2.0 miles of running over the course of a workout.

As time drew down, and given the dewy cover on the track’s infield, YHC called for a Tunnel of Love just to cool the PAX down.


Flutter Kicks x 25

Superman Ring of fire x 5 count


Announcements: Romper Room, a 2.0 site that is M friendly will be starting at the Thin Blue Line (Old Chapel Hill Road Park, Durham) AO on Saturday, August 3. The site will run on alternating Saturdays immediately after TBL and go for 45 minutes. Check out the Slack Channel, and ask Bellhop and Botched if you have questions. Nubbin has a 3rd F opportunity this weekend to help with a move. Send your questions to him.

Prayer requests: Milton’s wife is having a CT scan, prayers for her. Muzungu’s mother is having a procedure to remedy some blood clots, prayers for a quick recovery. Cortes’ father in law passed away, prayers for solace and strength to their family.


While he and I don’t hang out often, YHC considers Cortes a good friend. Our daughters went to pre-school together, so our families got to know each other, including his father in law Barry. YHC’s M had a special spot in her heart for Barry. YHC sends the best wishes and prayers to Cortes, the ladies in his household, and to everyone that Barry knew.

F3 is really about being a strong, good man for your family, friends, and community. When the older guys in our lives pass on, it certainly tests your mettle, forcing a gut check to make sure you’re really living with that in mind; protecting, growing, and modeling to our families the same thing these guys showed us. When you have a moment reach out to those guys (whoever they may be) let them know they made a difference to you. Be the guy that they’ve shown you how to be.

Thank you Northern Province for allowing me to lead for the morning. SYITG.

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