Sunnyside World Cup

  • When: 06/29/19
  • QIC: Stinky Pete
  • The PAX: Schneebly, Skittles, Knope, Snowflake, Fireman, Ledecky, Bellhop, Concierge, Pinkilicious, Scapula, Judge, President Business, Brotox, Gumdrop, Candy Girl,
Haha! We owe our kid $20 a goal. He makes  a good hourly rate. Lol

Introduction: I usually have a theme for these workouts, but today I’ve really got nothin’. The US Women’s World Cup team won yesterday to make it into the semifinals, so there’s that. My daughter F3 Schneebly came up with a good idea for crab vs bear soccer so we’ll do that at the conclusion. I’m sure I can come up with something to keep us all occupied in the meantime.

Warmup: SSH IC x 15, FAC IC x 8, RAC IC x 8, Willie May Hayes IC x 10, Harvesters IC x 10. Warm up lap, fellowship speed (which means it’s a race for the 2.0’s since kids can’t help themselves)

The Thang:

  1. Dora 1,2,3: family teams. Knock out 25 Burpees, 50 Merkins, and 75 Squats. Partner(s) run a short lap around the volleyball court. Help out other teams if you finish early.
  2. Kids and adults separate. Kids do 20 SC dips while adults hang on the bar (pull-ups if you got ’em). Switch. Adults can modify with Derkins as desired.
  3. Bernie Sanders up hill. Recovery jog (or “karaoke” back down to starting point.
  4. Soccer game! Kids versus adults is a Sunnyside staple, but today we divvied up more randomly. One team bear crawls, the other crab walks. When goal is scored, teams switch method of locomotion. This got exhausting, as predicted.

Mary: boat-canoe, big boy sit-ups per Schneebly, flutter kicks per Ledecky (of course)

COT: Check out “Romperroom”, the new family-friendly workout in Durham starting in August, alternating Saturdays with Sunnyside. 8:05, after “Thinblueline”.

OM: Challenge yourself to do your least-favorite chore first each day. If your a kid without chores, find a chore around the house that needs to be done and challenge yourself to do it without being asked. This will make the remainder of each day a lot more enjoyable, and your family will appreciate the extra help! And as always, be the best spouse, child, sibling, teacher, student, etc you can be each day. Until we meet again in the summertime heat, Aye!

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