Steeling in the Rain

  • When: 08/14/19
  • QIC: Misery
  • The PAX: Elf, 2Ply, Maestro, Exhibit A, Dr Quinn, Pedialyte, Knope, Coxswain, Brick, Prancing Horse

13 PAX showed up on a rainy morning at House of Pain. 3 for run and burpees.
At 5:31, there was no sign of the Q so YHC led an impromptu workout. Very thankful to the PAX for their understanding and flexibility.

Warm Up

SSH x25
Willie Mays Hays x10
Mountain Climbers x20
Little Baby Arm Circles x10 and reverse
Slow Merkin x10

The Thang

Grab some steel and walk to the top of the parking lot. Steel overhead and stopped at each island for the following, in order:
20x overhead press
20x curls
20x rows
At the top, take a left and lunge walk (with steel).
Then, fellowship jog to church steps and drop the steel for some BOMBS

Run one lap around the church. Stop at each turn and:
5x Burpees on first corner
10x Overhead clap on second corner
15x Merkins on third corner
20x WWI on fourth turn (replaced Big Boyssit ups)
25x Squats to finish

That seemed too easy so let’s double it:
10x burpees on first corner (+1 because Elf was complaining)
20x Overhead Claps on second corner
30x Merkins on third corner
40x WWI on the final corner
50x Squats to finish

We still had some left so partner up:
Partner A backward run to end of parking lot
Partner B bench press with steel
Switch and Partner B backward runs while Partner A bench presses

Partner A backward run
Partner B squats with steel

Partner A runs
Partner B curls
Return the steel


Russian Hammer x 25
Freddie Mercury x 20
Ski abs x 20
Ring of Fire Merkins (5 per PAX)


F3 baseball – join slack channel or ping Knope for details
The Bull is coming in October

Misery took us out.

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