Steel for Strength

  • When: 05/15/19
  • QIC: Vespa
  • The PAX: Pikachu, Pass/Fail, Lap Lane, Nails, Misery, Juco, Botched, Barksdale, Grunge, Nacho Libre, Amphibious, 2Ply, Knope, Cosmo, Awesome Baby, Crimson, Assisi, Avalanche, Yurt, IT, Field Day, Scurvy

YHC wanted to take advantage of the steel at the House of Pain and focus on some strength building. 23 PAX showed up to do just that. We had 2 for EC Ruck and a few other PAX got in an EC run. 5:30, time to circle up.

Warm Up

SSH, Slow Squat, WMH, Imperial Walker, Slow Merkins, Run a lap around parking lot.

The Thang

PAX made their way over to the steel pile. There was just enough steel for each PAX to have their own and YHC used a cinder block. We circled up in the main parking lot to get our lift on.


  • Squats – 33
  • Curls – 25
  • Overhead Press – 25
  • Bent Over Rows – 25

We did 3 rounds of the circuit with the 3rd round adding one additional squat to make it an even hundred.

PAX then got on their six and performed 20 IC flutter kicks while pressing the steel.

We ran a recovery lap around the parking lot and then lined up at the bottom end of the parking lot. PAX then bear crawled to the first island, lunge walked to the second island, and crab walked to the end of the lot. We made our way back to our steel pile and completed 3 more rounds of our lift circuit. We finished it with 20 more IC flutter kicks with steel presses. PAX completed a total of 200 squats, 150 curls, 150 overhead presses, and 150 bent over rows.

PAX then lined up at the bottom of the lot again. This time we sprinted to the top of the lot. We moseyed back to the start line and ran one more sprint before circling up for some Mary.


  • 20 IC LBCs
  • 20 IC American Hammers

Mary was kept short as we were running out of time and got some flutter kicks in during the ME.


  • Cocktails for Malawi is coming up, check Slack for more details.
  • Prayers for Misery’s Grandmother who is dealing with cancer and for Nails’ relationship with his wife to continue to grow (19 years of marriage and going!).

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