So that is what the thing in my chest does

  • When: 05/16/19
  • QIC: Cardiac
  • The PAX: Weed-n-Feed, Cosmo, Bellhop, Barksdale, 16Seed, Boucher

2 Pax got in some extra rucking miles before the main event, in preparation for the final weight in for the FatAss weight loss challenge.  YHC decided that today would be a great day to learn about my name sake, the heart. 

Fake Jump rope:  30 seconds

30x SSH

15x mountain climbers

10x merkins

15x plank jacks

10x merkins

50 yards of high knees, butt kickers, high skips, and backwards running

The thang:  Grab some rocks and headed to the large soccer field.  The soccer field has 4 corners just as the human heart has 4 chamber.  In the right atrium we did a low squat hold because that is the chamber that acts mostly as a collection point for the blood returning from the body and full of CO2.  We then jogged to the right ventricle and did some rock squats to represent the mild amount of work that the right ventricle has to do to get the blood to the lungs.  The center of the field acted as the lungs for us today.  In the center of the field we exchanged rocks with partner to represent the exchange of CO2 with oxygen that happens in the lungs.  We then did some mountains climbers, plank walks and plank jacks to increase our breath rate.  Then we jogged to the left atrium with our oxygen heavy rocks and did some coordinated lung jumps to get all the blood headed in the right direction to the left ventricle.  At the left ventricle we put our rocks down and did the heavy work for the heart, today that consisted of the football hitdrill (chop your feet then drop to the ground and back up) until everyone looked and sounded tired.  Following the hard work of the left ventricle we then carried our fresh oxygen (rocks) over our heads around the body (field) back to the right atrium.  The cycle was repeated 3 times with a few educational interludes to learn about heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, the pericardium and cardiac arrest. 

Mary:  Learning was just too much fun and YHC did not leave enough time for Mary.

Announcements:  Sign up for the CPR class, now that we all know how the heart works and why CPR is necessary.  The Bull is sometime in the fall. 

COT:  Prayers for Floyd’s grandma Sally who passed away this week.    

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