#NoRunning to the Lincoln Center and back

  • When: 05/17/19
  • QIC: Tricurious
  • The PAX: Ito, Elwood, Slug, Foghorn Leghorn, Blackball, Big Cat, Muller, TB, Mate, Far Side, Snooze, Bogey, and welcome FNG Bern and FNG Atari

Warm up: SSH, Leg swings, Imperial Squatters, Slow Merkins

The Thang: We moseyed all the way to the Lincoln Center (a little less than a mile), stopping a few times to dole out extra credit to the fast guys.

At the Lincoln Center we circled up and did a series of exercises; each exercise was followed by a short down-and-back run. All 30 count. In most cases we counted together; the rest were OYO. We counted in cadence where it made sense. Mountain climber, burpee, American hammer, lunge jumps, calf raise on curb, imperial squatters, superman, curb derkins, LBC, curb dips, boat canoe.

Next we experimented with the short but very steep grass hill near Merritt Mill Road. Crab walk up, walk crab down (easy). Bear crawl up, crawl bear down (easy). Crawl bear up, bear crawl down (hard). Walk crab up, crab walk down (really hard—traction issues, gotta dig those heels in). Next time YHC will reserve more time for this activity.

We moseyed towards to the AO, again doling out various EC nuggets to the fast guys.

As we neared the AO, Ito ran a short recon mission to find a wall that would accommodate our large group. He found the perfect one: the west-facing wall of the Rise building. We lined up for ring of fire: peoples chair (10s each) and balls-to-the-wall (5 seconds each).

Mary: We moseyed back to the AO for side LBC, slow merkin, various planks, and rounded out the 61 minutes with imperial squatters.

COT: We welcomed FNGs Bern and Atari. It is prom season and there were wishes for the safety of all the young men and women in our community that will be out and about. Someone mentioned that if we know youngsters who are attending we should offer to provide unconditional, no-questions-asked rides if they should need them—YHC enthusiastically seconds this idea.

Coffeeteria at the Gray Squirrel. Big Cat’s treat (thanks Big Cat!)

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