Run around the Bullpen

December 16, 2019

WHEN: December 12, 2019
QIC: Toolbox
PAX: Bitcoin, Funny Money, Crabcake, Knope, The Body, Pancake, Bananasplit
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8 Pax did a little running and dora work close to the Bullpen.


SSH x 30

LBAC x 11 each way

Good Morning x 10

Carolina Dry Docks x 15


Mosey to the big parking lot between Seminary and Hunt St.

50 Burpee and 100 Body Weight Squat Partner DORA

Pax ran across the longest part of the lot and back while partner performed exercises…until numbers reached

Crawls and LBC: crab walk two parking spaces, 10 LBC’s, 8 times while each PAX led us in count

Crawls and other assorted leg work: gorilla jumps, broad jumps, body weight squats, and jump lunges, PAX traveled three parking spaces and stopped for IC exercises

PAX then sprinted across the lot towards Geer.

10 count

Mosey to Geer Street Garden where we stopped to do some backward lunges in place IC

YHC then led us up two hills: sprint up to Corporation on Foster — 10 count

Sprint up Coporation to Riggsbee

These were two decent little heart beaters.

Mosey back to Broadway Street where we did one last 10 count and one last sprint back to the AO

YHC had a few bricks in his truck to donate to the site, so we all grabbed a brick or two and use them for


20 Flutters IC (holding bricks up)

20 Heels to Heaven

Good work fellas!