Roll the Dice

  • When: 02/10/18
  • QIC: nightshift
  • The PAX: uzi, timber, prius, hux

For those of you who don’t frequent TBR, let me just say it offers endless facilities like soft turf fields, pull up bar, dip bar, tires, stairs, hills, and countless parking garages. This morning we worked in the “deck of doom” which is directly under where you park and allows us escape from the elements when we so chose.

Warm Up

SSH, arm circles, Willy Mays Hayes, slow sumo squats, slow merkins

The Thang

We rolled the dice to choose the exercise. As such this BB lacks accuracy.

Rd 1 – maybe 6 rolls followed by suicides with 4x4s at the turns

Rd2 – maybe another 6 rolls followed by suicides, forward run, squat, back pedal

At this point we pivoted away from the random roll because we were bored with the mountain climbers we kept getting on the 8. Fun factoid: 7 is statistically the most likely result in a roll of 2 dice. 8 and 6 come in second.

Rd – did all the exercise on the roll list that follows

2 = 100 SSH
3 = 30 lunges (15 each leg)
4 = 30 high knees (15 each leg)
5 = 20 merkins
6 = 30 flutter kicks
7 = 30 squats
8 = 40 mountain climbers (20 each leg)
9 = 40 plank jacks
10 = 20 dry docks
11 = 20 smurf jacks
12 = 20 burpees


plank jacks where you pull both knee to your chest between each jack(please someone tell the name of that!), 1min plank, 1 min bows and toes, flutters


There a soft launch of a new AO meeting on Wednesday 5:30 in the Seawell parking lot. The Q list is open for TBR. If it remains that way you will be treated to another torture session by timber of bear crawls in the deck of doom, so please sign up!

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