The Rep, the Whole Rep, and Nothing But the Rep

September 22, 2021

WHEN: September 22, 2021
QIC: Nightshift
PAX: Oatmeal, Yo-yo, Dean Wormer, BigKat, Clean Sweep, Slug, Tricurious, Malware
LOCATION: Chapel Hill High School
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A good F3 disclaimer includes phrases like “modify as necessary.” Iron Pax is an excellent example. Some PAX knees might give out should they jump horizontally over a block. Modify! Murder Bunnies are just a bad idea (that I do anyway) and we should give thanks when they don’t result in injury. Modify!

Here’s my question: who believes finishing with a better time a reason for modification? I’ll tell you who doesn’t…. Malware. That HIM took 50 mins to complete IP week 0. He could have cheated himself. It was super dark; No one would have seen. How can I be so sure he did them all if it was so dark? Because he was dead last and the sun had begun to rise. Regardless, Malware doesn’t half rep; he refuses to cheat himself.

What am I on about? This morning’s the plan was to do complete reps. Chests touched the ground on Merkins and Burpees. No knee crinkles. A simple process was used to facilitate this.
Step 1: Demo proper form
Step 2: Slow the count. This maybe the main factor we half-rep.
So that we didn’t go into withdraws from not hurrying our reps, there were also AMRAPs.


Mosey’d, back pedal, butt kickers, high knees, bunny hop, bear crawl, crab walk, and SSH.

The Slowed Event

• Merkins: IT up, IT down, 1 minute AMRAP
• Y,W,T- IT
• Bear crawl/crawl bear
• Squats: IT down, IT low hold, 1 minute AMRAP, IT up(thanks to Dean Wormer’s correction)
• Single Leg Deadlifts- IT
• Lung walk
• Dry Docks: IT up, IT down, 1 minute AMRAP
• Boat Canoe
• Mosey lap
• 8 ct Burpees, Seal Burpees
• Freddie Mercury IC
• Mosey lap
• Lunges: IT up LT/RT, IT down LT/RT, 1 minute AMRAP(step back)
• Superman Rows

Mary – Nope


Dean Wormer called me out this morning. The details of which are not important. What’s important is that he spoke up. F3’s mission is to invigorate male leadership in the community. Leadership speaks hard truths in a loving way. It may be rewarded with an extended count of squats in tempo, but that’s no reason not to speak up!

For example, Adolphus called on me and other PAX to call and count an exercise for Mary at TBL. I had not been posting long. I had not yet Q’d. After I mutter a few words, he said “NO-STOP… it’s next exercise is… starting position, move… in cadence… exercise.” If our brothers won’t tell us when we’re making mistakes, we’ll likely keep making the same mistakes. Lets us not waste our time making the same mistakes when there are so many other mistakes to be made!