Q “Random Selection”

May 24, 2019

WHEN: 05/23/2019
QIC: Beano
PAX: Bluth, Cool J, Knope, Crab Cake, Elf, Coxswain, Soda Popinski, Funny Money, Nails!
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WARM-UP – SSH, Windmills, ‘Ass to Cheek’ Arm Swings (from lunge position), Slow Merkins, Alternating Lunges

THE THANG – Partner Exercises (one partner on ReCity rail wall, one partner with cinder block/KB)

Q ‘Random Selection’ – series of following rounds with Q choosing random # of reps each round

  • Feet on Wall Merkins and KB Swings
  • Feet on Wall Derkins and KB Swings
  • Hands on Wall Irkins and KB Swings
  • Fingertip Merkins and KB Swings
  • Fist/Knuckle Merkins and KB Swings
  • Dry Docks and KB Swings

Mosey as a group for ~ .4 to .5 mile run to random parking lot with three parking lot spot curbs. Split into three groups (one for each curb) and complete the following series of exercises (3 PAX at a time) across the parking lot

  • Burpee, Curb Bounder, Spring lot, and 10 Merkins
  • Burpee, Curb Bounder, Lunge walk lot, and 10 Squats
  • Burpee, Curb Bounder, 3 Bounders across lot, Crawl Bear rest of lot
  • Burpee, Curb Bounder, Reverse Lunge lot, Dry Docks
  • One other series (I can’t remember!)

Mosey as a group ~.4-.5 miles back to ReCity AO

Q “Random Selection” Finale (Partner Up Again)

  • Leg Raises (Hanging from Rail) and Alternating Single Arm Overhead Snatch (w/ cinderblock) – 3 rotating sets of this
  • Leg Raises (Hanging from Rail and Alternating Lunges with Single Arm Overhead Press Hold (w/ cinderblock)


Thanks to PAX for opportunity to lead. Great to revisit the Bullpen!